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  • I'm ****ing working on it. I really want to come to this, I've been in a mood to play Melee and Brawl recently. Slarti doesn't get out of school for a little bit, but I don't get off work until almost 8:00. So, I'll talk to him. I don't know of any reason that I couldn't make this, but **** does happen.
    lolz, I was about to post in the thread. I don't know right now, I have to wait until I get off work tonight, then I'm gonna talk to Slarti about getting a ride from him. If he can do it, then yes. If not, then no. I'll get back to you.
    dash attack and dtilt under high lasers, powershield mid to low, spam needles off platforms as much as possible and approach off them
    Gotcha. I'll look for the thread tomorrow.

    That being said, I think my GF made plans for this weekend.

    Also, I think I'll only have the cash for Kyoshi's and Nope's this month. Not even sure I'll be able to enter those though to be honest.
    I'm becoming a little concerned about the growing size of attendance for the November tournament. I'm just skeptical about actually being able to fit everyone into your apartment, but if you still think you can do it then awesome.
    Lol from who? Its okay tourneys will increase your skillz greatly you just gotta go to more thats how most people get better playing with friends doesnt really cut it lol. Who did you go peach?
    haha dont worry ive played you before it was a fun match, and ive been hearin word on how much you improved ull prob swamp me haha im still pretty scrubish
    ya sure man man that would be great and greatly appreciated, besides the bigger the better....cant wait to play ya ive been working hard haha hopefully its paying off
    lol ill see what i can do. Most of us have plans for halloween and all that jazz though
    i hope you guys do. Yeah it actually is looking pretty good all my smash friends in Pa are coming and 10 people from parma and Neoh plus overswarm and hilt said they are prob coming so is shouldnt be bad at all
    No It's ok we just invited the God Kais since they are our friends, our party is not on Saturday anyway so your tournament is not conflicting. Hope you get a nice turnout on Saturday! I will make it up there sometime I'm sure
    I don't know how you knew about our party but it's not going to be a brawl party. We are all 21+ and are drinking and having a bunch of friends over. It's a costume party and it has nothing to do with brawl sorry.
    Sadly I'm not quite as influential in the C-bus scene as I once was - and even if I was, this weekend is too soon. Everyone I've got access to have got plans.
    It sounds fun and I would love to come, especially since I just saw the post of what happened to KingYoshi, but we have been planning on celebrating Halloween here in cincinnati on Sat. However, if anything changes, ill be sure to let u know.
    10 pm, so i wouldnt get there till about 1 in the morning most likely, i'll try to pull some strings but it's highly unlikely :(
    Hmm I will ask some people, the trek out to NEOH is pretty far for me.

    I think I might have something going on here at school, but I can try to get some other IN smashers out there. Drinking/smashing sounds amazing!
    Its this weekend and its 5 for door and 5 for tourney. But if you dont have much money it doesnt matter because its m2k and vidjo's tourney and they are promising lots of friendlies and Housing for the night lol
    I dunno, I might. When is it and how much? I'm basically out of money right now and I haven't really played in probably 2-3 months.
    What character did Blue Rogue tell you? Snake? Metaknight? I can't go, I'm going out of town.
    I dunno. It's kind of short notice (but then again that's M2K for ya) but I'll see what I can do.
    figures o-chem messed everything up i havent checked this since like thursday, and i worked yesterday from 4-11 so i couldnt have made it neways, but i think im commin to the nov 28th one or whenever that is sry man
    too late notice for me personally, i have sunday off but there's no way i can get saturday off this week :\ I'll talk to some peeps though
    it's ok lol she was an awesome person. really fun to talk to and everything. we related to a lot of stuff dealing with school ahaha.
    lol dude she was a fun person to talk to xD. i really wasn't that mad at myself. btw i went sonic more than mk lol. i only used mk for one round, and btw what's your gf's name anyway? lol i forget already..
    i need to talk to these people still but they've traveled out of state for **** before so i think they'll come to this one, specially with the pro attendance lol.

    Paradigm (for sure going)
    Reside (perhaps)
    and Myself
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