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  • Hope you passed the CPA exam!

    What's your skype name? If you can add me that would be great :]. my username on skype is phaynom.
    nm, haha i just needed help in accounting but im all good i guess.

    excited for smash 4?
    yooo can you house me tomorrow? i really need help of if you know someone that can
    you still going to brainshock? I still need a ride. Do you or someone else you know that can pick me up real quickly?

    I do not care if I'm late for doubles since I won't compete in it.

    I'll pay for gas if needed.
    thanks man. I think i got that drive back to win. We'll see what happens. I've always lacked that supreme motivation that my rivals have (razer, dojo)
    hey what's up? do you know of any groups coming to CoT5 from your area?
    Trying to get a read on who's coming, and I need more people from the midwest to come!
    I have a bunch of 2008 results you forgot to add, which i'll PM to you later.
    You so garbz.

    So I'm flying to your frat house this summer and you're not going to stop me.
    whens ur next national ill hit up seibrik and we will go. im pretty sure ill go to pound and apex tho.
    Any word from Gnes or ADHD about the Ike-vs-Diddy Match-up? I'm pretty sure they're both going to say +2, though.
    My babycakes winning tourneys, all the work's paying off. Keep it up man. I'm super happy for you :)
    Well what I was shooting for was basically having an archive of these vidoes all in one playlist on my youtube channel just so people could click the playlist and have everything and anything they wanted right there.
    i'm not making a single vid, I'm having EVERY SINGLE thing Diddy can do in it and I can't fit that into one vid it's going to be probably 20-30 vids.
    If you're able to get on AIM sometime, we should probably talk about PR stuff, haha.
    wth, naw i havent blocked u/deleted u, hell i havent even blocked jason lolol. Let me add u again i guess or see whats up

    edit:nm i GOT IT
    Sunday im available after 2pm, Monday available after 7pm, Tuesday available after 5pm
    Actually, I say we release a PR with what information we have, and with the panelists that we have currently, and after it we completely scrap the PR group and start over. New panelists, new requirements to get onto the PR, possibly making it Indiana instead of INKY, whatever. We did promise a PR update, so we should release one, but I definitely think that we'll need some changes before next season. And I don' tthink it should be an INKY PR, personally.
    Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Quite a bit of INKY doesn't care or is disgruntled about the PR so I don't really know. And then some others I feel will... explode if they aren't as high as they feel they should be (if you know who I'm talking about). Or we could split it and just have there be an Indiana PR, whether or not I count as IN. Which I would be fine with as well. We don't really have a whole lot of data to rank players outside of like.. the top five or six, lol. If you'd like to bring up the topic to the public, that's fine as well.
    Haha.. yeah, it's been two weeks already. I do agree we need to change the panelists or scrap the PR. Especially since I reeeeally think a lot of drama is going to pop up... We could start everything over or get rid of it all. I'm honestly, honestly fine with either one.
    My AIM is Ercyman (You could click Contact Info to see that) and I'll be available basically all of tomorrow and sunday. If I'm on my cpu I should be on AIM so...yeah. Saturday I am hosting a tournament so that won't work.
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