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DtJ Hilt
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  • It was cool getting to play with you guys today at bluegrass. I'll come by more often.
    Yo Hilt, any tournaments coming up soon? I have a free Saturday coming up soon and I would love to throw down in some Smash.
    DtJ Hilt
    DtJ Hilt
    Some of the new guys have been running weeklies at the Wick's on Bardstown Road. They aren't doing one next weekend, but after that they should be up and running again. Also the next Comfy is gonna be on the 5th of next month.
    DtJ Hilt
    DtJ Hilt
    On last thing, I don't know when you're usually free, but we've been meeting at Bluegrass Magic on Thursdays. We're usually there from about noon until six or seven.
    Who am I that you think I am... uhh... he!?
    Howdy Hilt! ^^

    Still playing Smash/Oli?
    DtJ Hilt
    DtJ Hilt
    Still playing smash, hosting events as well. I play Olimar here and there as a secondary of sorts, but I'm a Villager main now.

    What about yourself? Been getting into Smash 4 much?
    Sky Pirate
    Sky Pirate
    Ahh, nice! I've been pretty much just playing online since people in Austin only host Sunday/Monday nights (I have to go to work at 4 A.M. the next day, sooooo nope).

    Still maining Oli in this one. I can see why you like Villager, though. S/he's pretty fun and strong right now, and Animal Crossing is a pleasant game. ^^
    should have linked the guy looking for chicago villagers to the villager locator thread imo
    DtJ Hilt
    DtJ Hilt
    Yeah, I couldn't remember if the locator thread included the states the players lived in or just the country, haha.
    Hey you! Do you know where I would go to change my name?
    DtJ Hilt
    DtJ Hilt
    Currently our only method of name changing is through our premium program.
    Hello again!! I just had a question about the rankings and the tournament. I was just wondering if they already entered the scores for the tournament to the ranking or not. Im not sure if your the one i should be asking or not. Its in regards to dtj first date tournament :0
    Is 1st Date's P:M stagelist right? I only started with 3.0 and I've never heard of SSE Jungle and don't see Metal Cavern which would be a weird stage to be banned.
    Also P:M doubles even though you said no, etc...
    I am back! Sorry for not replying to you sooner. I read your message, thought to myself "I'll reply to that in a bit" and then promptly forgot about it. Anyway, thanks! Nice to be back, really.

    Also, looked back on our VM conversations, and I forgot to reply to a VM you sent me ages ago too. Sorry for being a bit of a jerk. Continuing our conversation from over a year ago, I really liked Mirrai Nikki, and actually just watched the anime not too long ago with a friend. It had some Death Note sort of tension and mind games, combined with this sort of psychotic romance/drama. Really engaging manga/anime, I thought.

    Ikigami really appeals to me. I actually haven't been keeping up with it, and there wasn't a ton scanlated when I was reading it, but I love scifi stories like that use whatever futuristic technology they have in them to really explore a particular aspect of humanity or human society. And Ikigami does that in a rather disturbing, but very interesting way. The way society works in Ikigami is highly unlikely, but just possible enough to be eerily conceivable. Also raises some intriguing moral dilemmas if you think about it... again, kind of like Death Note in that respect. Although I think Ikigami tackles those dilemmas head on, whereas Death Note just kind of sidelined them. Although since it was in Shonen Jump, it probably wouldn't have been able to do a very good job of it anyway.

    Liar Game I like quite a bit, but again, haven't been keeping up with it too much. It's definitely a manga I prefer to read in bigger chunks, so I can just see how a particular scenario plays out in full rather than waiting from chapter to chapter. There's some really clever tricks and such in this manga. The characters are all quite interesting, too. This one is only a little bit like Death Note, I'd say.

    Bitter Virgin is one that I was pretty sure I wouldn't like, because based off the art style and premise I was expecting something either really sappy or melodramatic. And I guess maybe it did have a bit of melodrama, but in general it handled everything in a surprisingly mature way. Surprising to me, anyway. This one is really not like Death Note at all.

    I'm not even all that crazy about Death Note, but three out of the four manga here that was just the first thing I thought of to compare them to. Dunno why.

    So, who's the character in your avatar now?

    So did you ever end up playing this one?
    And did you see all that stuff about RF4?
    It's just laziness but oh well. Nothing to do about it but look optimistically and move on.

    Thanks Hilt!
    Student council **** is worst girl
    Nekoko is most swag
    Bullied girl is best.


    I don't think the VN was that good honestly, but the pr0n was fine. Then again, I'm pretty critical of VNs overall :x
    Well, if we get some people dedicated to working on it solely and figuring things out, we could do work but than again, people aren't the most wanting to do the nitty gritty or be fair and debate it like you and I were just able to do for the Oli MU. We reached a -1 MU pretty standardly imo and it wasn't that hard.

    I'm sending in an application and I'm probably going to be the only Lucas applying for the BBR because Mekos is busy, FAE doesn't know how to debate his point that well (still a great Lucas/amazingly cool guy who's helping me more), and idk about Pink Fresh. It's sad because I know so much about this character and about a lot of character due to pure research and knowing them back and forth haha. Oh wellz, crossing my fingers.

    And yeah I just made my 4,000th post and made it count! ^^ However, to be honest I have 14,844 posts on this site. so about 10,844 posts have been made in DGames. :p
    Haha take the number you imagine and probably half it to those who know the Lucas MU competitively. xD

    The BBR MUs are a disaster because we had no representatives and the one who was in there said he didn't know how to argue his opinion. Makes me sad a little for Lucas.

    However, gonna try and get into the BBR or at the very least the Panel for the Match-Up Chart v.3 because we have no reps at all in the BBR and the MUs are skewed a tad.

    But whatcha gonna do haha? ;P
    I just thought I'd leave ya this VM as a thank you for giving your detailed input on the Olimar MU. It's greatly appreciated by me because a lot of times we don't get many/if any people coming to help us and to see someone give that much information is a great sight to see.

    Than again, it's also good to see someone know a bit about Lucas while posting haha.

    Anyways, thank you very much.
    Agreed. I played it like way before I went off to school, >'09 and I've had the mind to go back and play it again.
    Yep, lol. It's definitely in my top 3 VNs list, behind Ever 17 and Tsukihime.
    Haha yes! I'm glad somebody recognized it. ^_^

    She's such a good character hahaha The whole VN is great
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