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  • oh, welp

    hope you've been doing well and things. :3

    it's fine, i have no idea how this site works anymore either
    I swear to god you better have your game close to starting or I will wait for it to be very cold and flick you in the back of the ear.
    Pretty much exactly how I felt on Ikigami and Liar Game. I love the concepts of Ikigami, how the manga suggests its own philosophy and then challenges it in a devil's advocate type of way. Reminded me strongly of Battle Royale, actually. Mirai Nikki I can definitely see similar qualities in it and death note. I haven't gotten myself fully caught up in the anime, sadly. Bad habit of mine. I'm actually surprised you checked out Bitter Virgin, haha. I always forget when I mention it to others. And yeah, the Shojo art style can be a bit... bothersome. BV and Nana are the only two that have had a quality strong enough to get me past the Shojo aspects; the latter of the two actually being my favorite anime.

    The character in my current avatar actually isn't from an anime. It's Nekoko from the Visual Novel Yume Miru Kusuri. Amazing game if you can get past the um... yeah. The music is absolutely beautiful and the story well crafted, if not simple.

    Anything else you've checked out since our last discussion?
    Well ok, been out of school to deal with ADD stuff and social problems, but I'll be back in the spring. Working it out slowly but I'm working on it.

    Mostly been curious because it just seemed odd how ya disappeared like ya did.
    I'm a little curious where ya went to when you disappeared over the last few months, if it's not too much mind telling me where ya went?
    Doing better, I'd lost my previous job and am just now getting into a new one.
    Thanks! I heard about it through a friend and I'm glad I picked it up.
    Whoa you signed on recently.

    Medi stop not existing god damn it. You can cancel things without getting abducted by aliens y'know. Also, Mass Effect 2 was awesome. As was Batman Arkham Asylum.
    okay, totally will PM it to you

    I was streaming "Ponyo" for people in the DR, and some people changed their names/avatars to Ponyo related things. I just haven't switched back I guess!
    It's pretty wonderful!

    Sites that host it don't update very often, but i have a place to download the new ones if you want. :)
    I personally like it :D, but that has a lot to do with he music instead of the video

    I see senators have a different color now :o
    Yeah one of my friends convinced me to watch it, I didn't want to at first since it's almost up to 500 episodes, but once I started I couldn't stop watching. I haven't read any yet, but I personally think the anime is top notch. It's by far my favorite shounen.
    Nice, I've been watching all of OP recently. I plan to catch up to the manga then read from there. Currently I'm finishing up the Skypiea arc lol.
    I love Luffy too, but my other favorite is Zoro. I just love everything about him lol. So did you read all of OP?
    Thanks :). She's one of my top two as well. I cropped this out of her wanted poster and fixed up the colors a bit. Who's your other favorite character from OP?
    The first person free running is absolutely perfect -- I have to second your sentiments on that exactly. The way they set it up, you really feel like you're the one in the game -- as much as a video game can accomplish that, anyway.

    The combat really is one of the truly lacking points in the game, which is why I suppose it's fortunate that I've played the game through so many times that I can get through most areas fast enough to fight very few or no enemies, haha. Beating the game on Hard was a huge pain, though. I spent forever on the last segment of The Shard.

    The whiteness is overwhelming to an extent, but I honestly love the art style of the game so much. It's beautiful and striking on one hand, and on the other, it emphasizes how controlled and conformist the city is.

    But yeah, even though I know what I'm doing to the point where I barely have to think about it, I still find the game incredibly cathartic to play through. It's a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.
    Seriously, in a world where so many games are rehashes of an old concept or just another sequel, Mirror's Edge is one of the most truly unique games I've ever played. I really wish some of my friends would give it more of a chance, because a handful of them played part of the demo and had no interest in giving it any more of a shot.

    I really hope they make the sequel too, though I'm starting to feel like they aren't going to after all, since it's been so long since the original came out and they haven't announced anything.
    Haha, I don't believe you have. Thank you. =D

    Props for liking Mirror's Edge, it's my absolute favorite game of all time. Beautiful scenery and immersive gameplay, and it's pretty much the only game I can play and simply feel better about anything.
    1. Fat Lenny
    2. Old Queen Cole
    3. Captain Fantasy
    4. Sketches of Winkle
    5. The Stallion Pt. 3
    6. Tender Situation
    7. Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy
    8. I Can't Put My Finger On It
    9. A Tear For Eddie
    10. The Golden Eel
    11. Mutilated Lips
    12. Buckingham Green
    13. Transdermal Celebration
    14. Tried and True
    15. Did You See Me?
    16. Gabrielle
    17. Piss Up a Rope
    18. Bananas and Blow
    19. Light Me Up
    20. Monique the Freak
    21. L.M.L.Y.P.

    It progresses chronologically for the most part, flip flops towards the end, then goes back to their first album with the last song. Listen in this order!
    lol xD

    Glad you do something on yours, I kinda usually end up doing nothing on mine unless my family wants to eat out or something.

    Regardless I hope you had a good one man :)
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