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Zero Beat
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  • Eh well I will get round to playing it eventually, will probably get all the good DLC before I do so though.

    Enjoy your nap, personally I could never manage them.
    Man all that autodialogue and lack of any real senses of continuity I don't think that makes it the best. I dunno to me ME was all about the subtle nuances of crafting your character and the actual consequences of things you did, which apparently seem to be pretty nonexistent.

    I don't have anything recorded though I mean **** bro nothing good to record with. Might record in potato vision with a phone I'd rather not, it kinda kills the tone of the piano. Can play Chopin's Prelude #15 though, and since you were big on Halo I'm sure you'd know what it sounds like.

    And I do remember than, but **** you sure you wanna leave that on my wall? A lot of people roll past it LOL.
    Well that's pretty awesome, I'm glad you've found the right person, especially since I remember the sour taste etc your old relationship had left you with. Man I haven't even played ME3 lol, my brother told me "this is the dumbest **** I've ever played" and honestly his standards aren't that high, if he said that, then **** must have been bad. ME1 is still gold standard in vision, I wish they just built on it in the right way. :/

    Man stil I don't think you should sort of make the decision to "quit", with me I never made the choice, in fact I always felt I'd never quit. I've hardly played videogames this year though, was mostly just a natural progression, but it could also have something to do with not liking much of what's coming out.

    That and spending like £5k on a new piano. x__x

    And man I guess I have climbed a bit since we last talked, I don't even remember what you last saw me as LOL

    Still don't see me going beyond Super Mod, then again it's kinda like in 2009 it would have been absurd to think I'd make it to mod right?


    Yeah I ****in' got that added as a smiley
    I see.

    Well, I'm just taking a year out playing piano and stuff, not much else. What da fak have you been up to?
    None of the DLC. I'm currently playing through ME2 right now and these two games have been some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Mass Effect is the absolute best of Bioware.

    Hmm, look at the name "Bioware". Consider the Biotics from ME. Ya think Bioware may—somewhere down the line—actually create bio-ware, products related to concepts like Biotics? HmmMMMmmMMmmmmmmm....
    Bro. So you used to rock the ME avatars. That was yo life. I always thought you looked like my friend Alex who was huge into ME when it first came out. Well, I finally got around to playing the series with both of you in mind as influences and I just have to thank you. Who knew an avatar could be enough exposure?
    Danke danke danke.

    It honestly does not even feel like a birthday yet to me. Probably because I haven't celebrated it at all so far. But soon I will eat carrot cake and feel a year older.
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