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  • Once I get a confirmed ride, I am coming to this. Got room for one more at your apartment? (most likely will be riding with Jnig and company, I'm just waiting on a reply from Jnig)
    Can you make a tourney page for Ascension on AiB? If not, would you be able to link me the bracket after the tourney and I can make it for you.

    I'm making an article for it to get last minute hype tonight.
    You sync, I see that you've got Ascension up a running. Good ****. I thought you wanted them to be MK banned though? Did something change your mind?
    Hey, I start working next Monday... finally... so I'll have your money soon.
    I'm going to give you $300 total since it's been so long. Sorry for the wait.
    im so surprised you remembered that
    i'd probably name one kiara.. idk about nala that **** is little too foreign LOL
    lol, alright. thanks dude. and yeah, i'd love to come over it's just whenever i get the opportunity to with a ride or whatever. i really miss mario party!

    two cats? from where? i used to hate cats but i really love them now. i think i only disliked them because my dad despised them, so it rubbed off on me when i was young. decided that there wasn't really any reason to dislike something for no particular reason, so i changed my viewpoint. what are their names?
    im sorry, i didn't know i would wind up ruining it :/

    and yeah, i miss you guys too. im glad i got a job as well so i can pay you back and sorry for bailing after you guys helped me with looking for a job/housing me and stuff. kinda a ****/selfish move but i felt like it was best to go back for my brother's birthday and at least see where things go from there. when i checked the courses for HCC online in houston, there weren't any classes available and my mom really wanted me to stay in school (even though i don't want to). plus i planned on getting a car and coming back later on because transportation would be kind of difficult for me with work/school/getting back home. just not as experienced as you guys when it comes to all that stuff and the opportunities were a lot better off back at home if my family was at least a bit neutral as far as the fighting and arguing cooled down.
    i broke your controller?

    and i got a job working at HEB. i'll probably start working sometime next week (they just have to call me in) so the first paycheck i get is going directly to you. they pay me every week, so i'll have it done within a month or less probably.
    Sync, as much as I admire you voting for all the top Toon Link mains, not all of them are in the BBR, therefore your entire vote is invalid. If you want your vote to count, please swap out names of non-BBR members with members on the list.
    I really hope that message was sent right and was readable because I totally forgot to preview it lol.
    Wait what!? you serious!?

    It's white with blue ink around the cable as it connects into the thing and black smudges on the backside of the d-pad?
    Thanks for the housing Sync, and I'm sorry your place got so trashed :sad:.
    yay! Looking forward to being in houston again:) thanks for everything, i def owe you
    As in you mean today (monday?)

    Journey 2: San Antonio, TX, South corner of 4th St and Broadway St to Houston, TX, 815 Pierce St near the intersection with Travis St

    Date: Monday July 30, 2012

    Leaving: 7:30 AM
    Arriving: 10:45 AM
    Chilling in your airport. Taking a megabus at 5.30 to SA then megabusing to Houston.
    Possible for me to get picked up?
    Okay so I should be arriving into Austin at 12.30am tonight/tomorrow. Unless a hero comes to save me I'll have to wait until around 6am and then megabus to San Antonio before megabusing to Houston.
    So I've been trying to get into contact with Nike about housing me again if I came down to texas on sundayish, but he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

    If I land in Austin and take a megabus (or ?) to Houston would it be possible to chill at yours / if you know someone else who is willing/able ?
    So I decided to stay in the US for longer, probably a month extra, and I'll probably be going to whobo.
    I work at a local movie theater. so I never get weekends off to go to tourneys. It's been pretty busy since a lot of big hits are out this summer. Also kids movies are the worst. : /
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