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  • IDK who all is in my pool, probably Gnes, Jerm, Trela, and Razer though. I'll see if there's room.
    Well if you have the time and want to really help me out. Just do what i asked on the first page and send it to me. Then do another one YOUR WAY(whatever you feel would look good) wether it uses the pic i put up or a totally NEW pic/idea and send it to me. Im totally open to anything and every thing. I just want a banner for my HOBO SERIES.
    You can email it to me at was7x@hotmail.com if you want. I have work at 4pm so if its not done by then, just send it anyway. What is the banner gonna look like btw?
    Sync.. Kadin feels pretty bad for not teaming with you in doubles and switching to his friend Travis.
    He said he really wants to team with you at whatever next event though :D
    Thanks. From what I can remember, don't use the second part of F-Tilt unless you hit with the first part. if you miss the 2nd part you can get punished for it. And just use grenades more. I'm sure you can get better at the matchup from playing alpha more.
    I just wanted to tell you I moved the starting time of the tournament to 12:00PM

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