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  • I don't need to stay over, we aren't leaving until later in the evening, and I have a few things to do before I go that day. Since hasn't replied, I don't know where he is. MIA I guess.
    And Firin can't go this weekend, so...

    But P4 said he was trying really hard to go again. If he isn't already confirmed, he is working on it.
    Feel free to. One of my old Otaku skills.

    Lol@ Trela out leveling everyone so hard. I'm gonna take a vote on whether or not we should stay at Tofer's or Nike's, but you and Trela are the only ones who will really count, I have no preference and I know Since/Firin wouldn't.
    I've always wanted to do this...I'm sorry in advance.

    Current party:

    ->Add/Remove members

    Trela Lv. 78
    Status :)

    Sync Lv. 21
    Status :)

    Leaf Lv. 20
    Status :)

    Since hasn't replied yet, Firin doesn't know but I can tell him. He is like my backup guy, who only goes when I need a seat filler.
    Since Lv. 16
    Status :confused:

    Firin Lv. 6
    Status :)
    You mind if we go Friday night and come back Sunday? No morning driving makes a happy me. We would start the trip around 7 or 8 Friday, depending on Trela.
    No worries, Houston will take the money this weekend for sure. Trela just confirmed.

    For the first time in my life, I am going to practice more than just reading and "in theory" this week. I'm actually getting on to practice tech skills. Gonna grape.
    Awesome. Chute could fill our 5th spot, or if Trela doesn't go.
    But if Trela doesn't go, we won't be representing Houston well...
    I'm texting Since to find out if he is going...
    I could also bring another person if we need to fill up my car.

    If Since and this other guy is going, would it still be cool to stay at your place?
    What makes you think I'm mexican?
    I can't be mexican.

    "That's not true! It's impossible!"
    yea i will be there and help you out. relax. just keep texting/reminding people to bring full set-ups
    Cloverleaf, if he wants to.
    Not for sure yet but I think it's on. Honestly, though, I doubt it beats snake/chu
    Well, I know Snake is amazing with pika, a great team.
    I'll find out this weekend if Oli does well, I'm teaming with one.
    I'll ask him about it.

    But... if you beat P4 then he beat P4
    P4 may explode into a thousand gamecube controllers that will spew across the lands.
    Yep he probably is. You and Player - 4 (he really wants to beat P-4 for some reason).

    Oh and don't worry he will :)
    "I'm really just doing ti for myself/ "Friends" (your a friend)".

    I'm Xyro's long lost green lesbian. The one he has been waiting for all this time.

    Kadin mains MK/Falco now :)
    Yeah I'm really just doing it for myself / friends and people who think Peach is a terrible character. I dont "hate" the Peach boards but they are all EXTREMELY overdramatic (try to guess why) and sometimes can't take jokes or friendly competition.

    If I go its gunna be SWEEEEEET!

    (Oh ya Kadin has gotten ALOT better)
    Yeah I do, but honestly I don't like many Peaches on the Peach boards lol. Save about three names.
    I honestly don't know yet.
    I'll know by about 10:00 PM, and I'll announce it on the Houston Social.
    Man.. I really wanna go :(
    Hey. Sorry man. Can't do smash this week. My dad and my step mom are out of town on opposing schedules and the house needs a wee bit more support. Next time
    Maybe Thursday, I'll have to see! And I can't go to Quakecon, it's my step mom's birthday on the 14th (Saturday)
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