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Good Ol' Tree
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  • dude, i try not to.. i had a funny talk w/ neon that tournament. we came up with the conclusion that we're not bad players, we just have demons in us that won't let us stop playing our bad characters lol but yea.. my matches were bad huh :/ i had dphat first round and i was doing alright, till my controller started effing up. like it got so bad that dphat had to pause the match and ask if i can find a better controller :( he felt bad that he wanted me to take the win in his stead but i turned down his generous offer. then my second match was icys and u saw that one soo lol :p :(
    For AGDQ, in order to get a certain prize, do you donate at the time of the game with the prize you want?
    I know you don't lol you were more focused on wining the match I can understand.you saw me beat smoom in our friendly right?
    there's nothing wrong with a little destruction here and there :) i mean sheiks what? low on the tier list? while everyone uses a better char? icy's destroy us bro lol we need to have fun too :p
    we always find ourselves changing up our tactics w/ each new match... like... peach or marth etc lol
    dude!!! you shouldn't feel bad about f-tilt lock. if anything do it w/o looking at your opponent. i mean it's their fault for even being caught in that position.

    so you played against ojih sama right? in your pools? i play a lot against his wolf. i hope he didn't get mad or something at you for doing it but regardless it's what you have to do to win.

    about your comment about feeling bad or so.. don't. like i made it a habit not to f-tilt lock people by just mixing it up. like i'll do it till they get to 40% or so then finish w/ an up air or up tilt. i know what you mean though, i feel bad as well so i don't do it as much lol it's more challenging if you may ;)
    Aww you have to go to HOBO 27! I can't go to Illmatic's because I'll be out of town ]:
    Beast alright man I hope so. We gotta play some more duelist pro while we're delirious. XD Happy birthday in advance to her!
    Hey Tro, The Doodoo Master and I just got back in town last night. We definitely need to hang out this week! Maybe Thursday night or something. Are you going to Quake Con?
    Nah, I get the distinct feeling from everyone that I'm generally disliked, and I have no idea why. Besides all of you guys seem to be friends already not to mention I live way the hell over in clear lake and I'm 27. Like I said, I'm more of a chill at home and brawl some friends (sadly I have none anymore that play any videogames) type of guy, which is why I want you to rep Sheik hard!!!
    That's cool, I thought I sent this message to you after the last HOBO but didn't realize until today that I had accidentally sent the message to myself. Well anyways, happy Sheiking!!!
    Hey do you have any vids of your sheik play? I'd like to give you some pointers if I can for next HOBO, if you don't mind constructive critisism.
    Busy as hell, but at least I'm making money! I don't have a set schedule either. It's like, "hey you're gonna work x, x, x, and x days this week," then next week it's a different set of days. I'm only waiting minimally right now (like 2-3 tables), and I'm making around $30 a day. Once I start waiting whole sections (7-10), I'll be raking in the dough. So far it's a tiring job, but it's worth it.

    How about yourself?
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