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Good Ol' Tree
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  • I wonder what percent of my VMs are some sort of SMOOOOOOOOOOM.

    Btw, what happened to changing your name to like Bon Ol' Arble or something french?
    Lol, k. I'll just keep on working on him.

    Well, I guess we'll see at Hobo18! We already know how good I am.
    Well, if you can train me in Falcon, that's a bit higher tier. Ganon is horrible. :( Or you could teach me any character, lol.

    And I still need more practice in dubz...:/ I'm so horrible!!!! And who should I use? I'm just confused, haha.
    Yeah housing with Seiya is still good... I just really want to hang out with you and if you don't end up coming to Seiya's I'm going to be really bummed out.

    Hey if they stay with you, can we also go house with you? :O

    hahaha that would be too epic and we can all buttsacks. :D
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