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    Um... Yea. Did u watch that anime I told you to watch valentines day?

    Call them and first try to see if they can fix your laptop. It's pretty cheap. And the laptops they have on the website is misleading they have more than what's shown in store.
    LMAO alright, cool.

    Another thing.. I'm really going to push for attending the Battle Network on Sunday because my Dad is flying to California or something. Do you have any housing available Saturday night at your place? And do you think anyone there would have room to give me a ride?
    I think I'll be able to make it to the last battle network and hobo35. We get to possibly hang out again. I approve. I wanna MM you man for old times sake.
    I'm SO done with people like pwii/tesh....ect. I'm gonna be the tyrant that I used to be. Starting right ****ing now.
    Trust me dude, I can tell you from personal experience that Zac's system is -way- better than having a panel. The problem with having a panel put together is it's all based on opinion rather than factual information and it turns in to a really big popularity contest. I was on the receiving end of some negative popularity when we first started and was ranked way low on the first two power rankings updates below people I consistently beat at the time just because a few people didn't like me.

    Panels are biased and unfair, no matter how much you try to prevent it people will still have differing opinions and panels come down to who is better friends with who on the panel. Trust me; it's just a bad idea. I know Zac's system isn't getting updated very often and I agree that the swings in placement aren't drastic enough to keep up with current metagaming, but that can be corrected by adjusting a few lines of code. Changing someone's opinion is a -LOT- harder.

    Talk to me about it in person this weekend. You're coming right? <3
    Oh yeah, I'll pick up my copy of Pokemon White Saturday. If you want to keep your Pokemon, make sure you transfer them beforehand.
    You know its still not too late to be the white night who beats m2k @ apex :)
    Hey bro.
    We'll be going down to hobo34 but we'll need housing.
    Kind of last minute but can you house me, denti, and possibly two others?
    skinny inni *****! hey i wanna come over tomorrow! i don't have anything to do friday is that ok?
    Send pictures, too. It'll make the process easier on my end.

    If I change the picture, though, it'll be because it wasn't flexible for the layout, but I'll be surprised if that happens.
    I'll bring some Wiimotes...do you guys have enough AA batteries? If not, I'll grab some.
    I'll try coming over sometime in the middle of the week...like Wed. Try to have it ready by then plz. :)

    Also, Mario Party...
    I might come over today after 8 if that's alright...

    If not, then the usual Friday before you guys leave Saturday.
    Yeah, you like how he added me to the list even after I rolled through the Diddy capitol of the US and got 5th at an MK legal tournament using Diddy? I thought that was pretty damn funny myself :p
    I've already done that time and time again dude. I've only played him with my Metaknight like two or three times; every time I sit down to play with him I pick a different character. I was two stocking him with Game and Watch; though that was a while back, lol
    Dude I saw those results and went 'wtf'

    Good **** tho broski, making that kind of transition and then beating legit players is quite an accomplishment :p
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