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  • It looks like I'll be flying into IAH, the prices seem to be considerably less. Could you send me your address so I can just get an idea of where you are generally in the area out of curiosity? IAH is only like a half hourish from the venue.
    I just finished the legend of Korra... Sooooo gooood! Btw I've been pretty inactive this summer due to a summer job, but I will be up and running once school starts. I am super rusty... :(
    I feel like an idiot now, but its because my SWF is still set to Australian time that I saw it as the 8th of July.

    However that didn't change the fact that the Florida tournament I wanted to go to was also on the same date ><

    God damn smashboards.
    Well obviously a saturday so I can then fly to florida for a sunday tournament.
    Well unless you can get the date of the tournament changed (and you can confirm that to me within perhaps the next few hours :p) our super special awesome megabus trip will have to be pushed back til next time :(
    God dammit, I was hoping the tournament was on the 7th (Saturday), that way I could then fly off to Florida and not miss out on meeting NickRiddle.

    Should I?

    I'm kinda stuck in "where do I gooo" land. Contemplating flying out to Florida tomorrow/today, but I wouldn't mind spending a few extra days in Texas.

    If you're wondering why, Nike's family had something come up and they've had to pack up and drive off to Minnesota or something, so :(
    So there is going to be 7 of us from Megabus. Infinity, Dphat, Neon, Y.b.M., Kbot, ALSM, and Me.

    We will be arriving at 11:30 PM.

    We're leaving Sunday for the 1:00 pm ticket or the 3:00 pm ticket. Which time we be best for you?
    Thanks! I don't know for sure yet if we're going on Megabus, we're talking about it right now.
    I need a lift from Megabus this friday and a ride to megabus this Sunday. Fort Worth is coming to your tournament. There should be Me, Infinity, Y.b.M., ALSM and I'm not sure if that is it. Can you help us out?
    Hey, I saw the new series we have going on. IMO it looks great, no complaints. Since you are starting new and prob gonna carry it over into smash 4, let me through you some tips that helped me grow HOBO.

    1. Make accounts at gamefaqs/neogaf/AiB/MLG/VGChartz and other gaming sites like FB/Twitter/google+. ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT AT EACH OF THESE SITES AND CONSTANTLY POST/CHECK ON THEM.

    2. Make the thread/event STAND OUT! If you wanna use gifs, use AWESOME ones that make people laugh or cause them to post and say "nice gif." Use colors, stupid sayings(buffalo bich....ect) and just make the thread YOUR OWN.

    3. Side events. For HOBOS, I wanted every side event(no BS like project M or brawl+) to supplement the main events. Low tier single/doubles, mid tier single/doubles or crews(low or mid tier). I did this because it gives the mid tier/low tier players a 2nd chance to make money because brawl doesn't allow those characters to do well in normal singles/doubles. It also gives everybody in the city exp in low/mid tier MUs so that when they travel they will not be unprepared.

    4. Getting OOS or OOC(ity) is kinda hard. What I did was I choose an OOS/OOC player I wanted to come to a HOBO and privately PMed them and offered a 100% free HOBO(all event fee/venue fee/housing/transportation). Make them feel like they are wanted, respected and are a guest of honor. I recommend you try and get lee for this event. He has not been here in AGES.

    5. I make an empty results thread the night before HOBO and put the twitter/livestream link there so that it forces the public to be viewing/refreshing that page over and over in order to see the latest updates. The more views a thread has, the more hype it seems to get.
    Sync, did I leave my charger at ur place for my iPod? It's near the couch near the table plugged I think
    Thank you so much!
    Prices are still a tad high, but I'm going to keep watch on them and I'll let you know when I purchase my flight.
    Hey Sync, Xyro said you could help hook me up with some free housing for Whobo. Do you have any details on this? Are you able to get me from the airport on Friday and I can get back there on Monday? I would go to Houston Hobby airport right?
    Let me know dates and tourneys you'd want us to go to this summer at least 2 weeks ahead of time
    Sync, i need my ALL my chords for HOBO. I would like to pick them up today or EARLY tomorrow.
    Well that whole debate on MK was pretty bad. I figured it might spark unwanted attention and idiotic posts from people. But I will continue to run MK banned tournaments regardless of how the community feels because me personally (as a TO and a player) think it's just best to not have Metaknight legal. So you and everyone you know are surely more than welcome to come to my tournaments, we'll get you housing if needed and I promise you guys will have a good time : )

    I"m really trying to get to WHOBO so I'll hope to see you there too.
    no you don't love me... you HATE me and I know it.
    but you dont hate the real me, you hate the brawl me
    dude.. invite me wtf man wtf i thought we were cool wtf man i mean wtf u think u are so hot just trying to be a big shot lemme in man just lemme in wtf man lemme in man wtf? wtf? man? lemme in!
    Did you ever do AFA in high school? I just sent in my application and I thought about you, haha
    oh one last thing. when its all said and done. gimmi the graphic so i can put it on the OP.
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