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  • Adding to last post Cus too many characters-- in round one I lost 3-1 against him. My only sign of not being a scrub lol
    Yo Denti are you going to Summercon? Oracle is thinking of going and he's teaming with my teammate Drinking Food who mains ROB so they can do double ROB. I main ivysaur so we should do double ivysaur and meet them in finals lol. This is gonna sound douchey, but my teammate suggested I mention it to assure you I'm not a scrub. At WHOBO MLG you played mango on stream and got 3-0'd
    I already have a teamate for every event : / sorry
    Would you wanna team this Saturday? (I know I'm kind of scrubby, and I understand if you don't want to)
    I already have a teammate. Sorry :(
    Deleted member
    Oh ok, cool.
    Wow that sucks man, i hope yall work things out, this might not mean as much coming from me but stay strong, don't slack in school and hopefully things come together for you.
    whos housing you in NY? cause no one is replying to me lol, imma need a ride or w/e from the bus station
    You have the tio file for ascension 4. Please either send it to me or make a results thread. Was7x@hotmail.com
    you need to send me that replay of the snake utilt combo that happened on megabus!





    so like

    if you ftilt then like grab and forward air you can like make bad like

    even in singles
    Sorry for the late reply! I reinjured my arms and have been in rehab.

    The application process should be open by the end of this month.
    It's all good, I don't actually care. Was just clarifying is all :p

    Also - who are you ending up teaming with this weekend?
    "You heard me, Infinity's MK has never beaten Illmatic's peach in a set but his Wario has."

    Actually, at the LSC Championships I 2-0'd him in a $5 money match. Second game I three stocked him at 16%. I've never played my MK against him in a TOURNAMENT set, but I've definitely beaten him with MK :p
    Do you do any advertising? Also, Mikehaze has a new player discount that he does and for the past few months they've been getting a ton of entrants. A lot of new players who want to play and learn.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I heard they went from like 15 man tourneys to 50 recently. With an area as big as DFW, you can do the same thing for your tourneys easily.
    There was a setup on your bad TV (the one with the weird audio/video slots) where i saved a bunch of replays with dk. I tried copying them to my SD card but they all got desynched when i tried recording them last night :( If you could send me those replays via mediafire or something that would be awesome.
    Alright yeah, we will probably be there like at 1:30-2 or something. I just realized it's almost 5 hours away and we won't be heading out until about 6:30-7ish. So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow~
    Alright well I might can just stall until we get there, but I'll talk to infinity just in case.

    I haven't talked to Sync since this afternoon, I'll talk things over with him.
    That shouldn't be an issue, I'm gonna get to your place and just crash since I'll be in Louisiana earlier that day lol. And Infinity's should be fine, if you're only like 5 minutes away. I was just making sure everything was still good, and we'll probably be getting there at maybe 11-ish.
    I regret reading your VMs history...

    Uhh, I need to ask you about this weekend, like your address and if it's still cool for us to stay by for friday/saturday night. If you don't reply tonight, text me at 936-402-5208 because I won't be on smashboards at all tomorrow (burfday stuph /selfinsert) and if not, then PLEASE forward my number and stuff to whoever can, and tell them that we will have a carpool of 4-5 people. Thank you!
    Yeah, makes it hard to call you out for liking it up the poop chute when I can't even post on your wall =/
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