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  • Yea dude I'd love to. But it depends n whether or not this chick named mocha shows up or not else I'd be down.

    We're you able to find that replay homey?
    I dont have the replay, since mocha is coming it looks like we wont be teaming :(
    neon! question, i think i have a set againt f hero loaded onto your wii.

    would you mind uploading it dawg at your expense?

    that is if you have it.
    Now that I recall, didn't someone have to do something to your SD card in the middle of the tournament for your music? Maybe he wiped all your data.
    Thats weird. You had the middle TV right? Maybe someone deleted them or something. I was certain I played Infinity on that setup and saved my matches. Is too bad I really wanted to rewatch that set.
    Text me when you find out; I don't pay a whole lot of attention any more and I usually just wait for someone to tell me it's going on, lol
    Thanks for the reminder bud; I've updated it.

    Hey, you want to team at the next local you go to? You've asked me a few times to team and I always feel bad when I have to say no >.<"
    you should get on aim and message me once you get on.
    even if i appear to be offline!
    You can remove me from the list. I don't play on ever playing Brawl competitively again. I only show up cause it's close and I still enjoy having fun in doubles. If MK is banned in singles I'll play cause I can still have fun. I don't care to practice and learn hard matchups to do well. Got Magic and League to replace my practice time. Thanks for the warning though =)
    Permission to do either. I've already given you control over the old video thread, but if you feel making a whole new thread for organization purposes would be a better idea, you can also do that and I'll sticky that instead. Thanks a lot for taking over that thread.
    Do you still have the replays? I'm not at home now, but if you still have the replays I can send you the code with how to use it.
    They were corrupted because I have no-tripping code turned on. I can send you the code file (which you launch through gecko) or just record the replays myself if you tell me which ones.
    Plannin on teaming with YbM again, but I REALLY also wanna team with your DK since its super good so we will definetly be teaming one of these days soon. Hope to get in more friendlies at Revolution, no great DK's in Ohio.
    Ok before i begin, i wanna say a few things.

    1. Your DK is fine. You know what your doing with him its just that to be damn good with DK you gotta be SPECIAL(imo, there is ONE truly good DK and thats Will).

    2. Also, i think you dont have enough exp vs other characters and because of that, DK gets pooped on hard. For example, when you were playing my samus, you stayed away from me. You could have baired my missles, power shielded my zair and then UP+B my entire move set. You also didnt try to spike my tether recovery. Like i said, because you didnt know what to do(not your fault), i pooped on your DK cause hes so damn big and slow.

    Knowing this^ i think going Rob is a major improvement. Im gonna give you my opinion on Rob and you take what you want out of it.

    1. Recovery. DK has a pretty obvious recovery. Its predictable, stoppable and SPIKE-able. With rob, you can go ANYWHERE. Vertical, Horizontal, under stages as well as hovering above opponents or going THROUGH opponents(kinda like DK).

    2. Speed. In the air and on the ground, Rob is faster. His Dash Attack/Dtilt/jab/ftilt/fair(which is the replacement for dk's bair wall)/grab+throw(up/left/right can KO) are all faster than DK but obviously not as powerful.

    3. Projectiles. These babies are AWESOME. Lasers are fast(but predictable if the foe watches your head) and do decent damage(anywhere from 5%-16%). Gyro can do 5%-18% but as other uses.

    4. Rob is smaller and faster than DK.

    The only bad thing about Rob that i think will bother you at first is the fact he cant kill as early as DK. He also cannot back throw INTO the stage to gimp people.

    Anyway, what i told you about rob is just the immediate changes you will notice when u compare him to DK. Obviously Rob is MUCH deeper than that and u will learn about that the farther you go into him. Please do not worry about "argh, ive spent 2-3 years on dk and now im starting fresh with rob!" Yea at first you may not do well but its because you picked up a new character. The GOOD thing is, i truly think rob is better than DK AND you already know the basics of reading airdodges/rolls/side steps and spacing. So this already makes you decent right off the bat. Overall, do not leave DK to rob/snake/pika or whatever unless YOU want to. Dont let my words or anyone else sway you into something you didnt want to do in the first place. Anyways, let me know whats up.
    Hey, Neon! I was wondering if you happened to have any tournament replays from Revolution that can be recorded. There was a setup right next to Zac's that had infinite replay on it, and it's where me and Razer played Loser's Finals. Do you happen to have our set on your Wii?
    Yes. I'm down for teaming. Sorry about last time, I'm gonna be there for sure! I'll be using MK, so we got this. Hey, what's your number, or I can give you mine: 817-353-3765. We should practice some time before the tournament if possible. Don't know your schedule, but we should play more often. I don't have wifi, but I could go to Problemo's and use his wifi if that's the best situation for you. Anyways, looking forward to teaming with you. :)
    Hey, there are a few things I want you to do to the final blueprint of the combo video so far.

    Like 8 or 9 clips I think should be taken out and I wanted to know if you could sync certain points.

    You've been working suuuper hard lately so you should take a break, tell me whenever you want to start back up on it.
    These are the clips I need without a doubt in "We share our Mother's health section" if this doesn't fit the whole song, feel free to add in whatever you feel as though would work. Instead of using the Youtube Version, please use the real .mp3 4:13 version of the song.

    Stitch Pull on KRD Sonic (Start at Uair First Stock)


    Golf Club on P4's Ness (Last Stock Last Hit)

    Third Stock Past Up-Smash on Pikachu (Replay) 17:35 3/8/11


    2nd Stock Bike Tire -> Ftilt -> Uair Brinstar (Replay) 19:52 2/17/11

    Fair on K Prime's Pikachu (First Stock)


    Uair String on Zigsta (Second Stock)


    Last Stock on Sama's Wolf (Start At Dash Attack)


    Footstool on Samus (Replay) 16:56 2/21/11

    Peach Bomber on Xyro (Second Stock)


    Greenade -> Uair -> Parasol Kill On Snake SmashVille Last Stock (Replay)

    Fair -> Ledge -> Death on Jungle Japes (Replay)

    Snake C4 -> Tippered Raquet (Replay) 21:09 3/31/11

    Start at nair -> End At Uthrow Bomb (Replay) 20:32 3/12/11

    Turnip Throw -> Back Throw -> Fair on Shlike's ZSS Brinstar (Second Stock)


    DDD On Battlefield (Textured Battlefield)


    Here is about 3/4s of the replays I've already watched, tagged, and uploaded: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ww7jmiy4a9xb99

    I still have about 1/4 left. I will send you what I specifically want you to put in the combo video with time etc. in a private message probably today but definitely by tomorrow.

    Just right click the mediafire zip. and transfer it to your SD card RP folder.
    Yeah they should do more :/ I live in mineola which is one of those small Texas redeneck towns. And I'm a rap fan. Haha it's like 2 hours from Dallas
    What up neon? I need to go to another tourney and seek my revenge on you. I play IC now annnd will probably CG you to 100% so yeah.
    Be prepared.
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