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  • You are now morally obliged to watch Jormungand 22.

    holy **** what the holy and then that endi holy shiiiiiiiiiii
    hey, so I'll be having a smashfest today. I'm too lazy to get my phone, so I'm sending you a message
    Probably not a bad idea, haha. I ended up playing it again a year or two after my first run through to get everything out of it. Same with Kana, which is probably my favorite.
    Yeah I meant to say "out-of-town" lol.

    Ok. That sounds better. Who would I carpool with?
    Tell me how the housing and carpooling will work for this Cincinnati tourney. Dad's concerned with me traveling out-of-state for this, so I may not be able to go unless I can convince him that I'll be fine. :/

    This is a step up from the tourneys I've been to before.
    Do you have any recommendations for books that are similar to Zaregoto? It doesn't have to be the same style but preferably the same genre.
    And Melee Kirby is bottom tier in Melee, incidentally.

    Drill Rush is liable to be much less useful when it lacks the auto-snap capability of Brawl.

    How often have you seen aerials clash in Melee? This wasn't relevant until they made the aerial Mach Tornado, which breaks normal game rules. Tornado would likely get shut down pretty hard by Falco's SHL and the fact that you will never poke or be able to constantly pressure a light shield.

    MK's Shuttle Loop out of shield literally isn't fast enough to break out of Fox and Falco's aerial-shine pressure, unlike Peach/Marth/Bowser/Samus Up+B's. His jump speed is also somewhat mediocre, making wavedashing not particularly strong for him.

    So, what's he got? Mobility that is amazing in Brawl, but practically standard among high tiers in Melee, and edgeguarding that somewhat beats out Melee Kirby's edgeguarding. I imagine his weight/falling speed class would make him chaingrabbable by Sheik and Ganondorf, relatively easily combo'd by Falco, but falling to Fox's Shine. Falling speed would make him especially susceptible to Fox's uthrow uair though... He can combo, but so can pretty much everyone else, and now his options are just as limited because there's none of that auto-airdodge or auto-aerial to break out of everything.

    Nothing he does that makes him excellent in Brawl is unique in Melee, except for gliding.
    MK is only so good at edgeguarding in Brawl because things move so damn slow that his aerial movement being worse than Sheik's doesn't hurt as much as it would in Melee.
    I don't meat-ride Kain anymore.

    I meat ride Nicole, duh.
    No i dont, but that article makes me hope the guy will be able to keep his business open. I'm still kinda learning AE myself, the SF people at zenos can prolly give you alot more help then me. However i can give you a few tips;

    Use a stick
    Learn to not mash
    http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Main_Page go to the Super section for game mechanics, and for character information read the AE section.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/VesperArcade#p/p watch this guys SSF4 tutorial guide to learn about hand techniques. You can skip the first video, but watch the rest. This will take you about 3-4 hours to watch the whole thing. But its very helpful.
    Practice ALOT
    Didn't we meet at ISA2? I coulda sworn we were both there, and I was playing Taiko and all that. But yes, Lexington should come up there sometime. You need to see my progress, I'm such a beautiful kong.

    I am as swift as the coursing river,
    with all the force of a great typhoon,
    with all the strength of a raging fire,
    mysterious as the dark side of the moon!
    Actually Judo and them are going up there, so it could be possible for me to catch a ride with them or something. I really wanna go to BiTH4, promised that bunch I'd be going there, and I'm not sure if I can hit up 2 tourneys in a row like that.
    lol YL with his disrespectful flame spike can get fellas soooooo mad. =P

    Btw I'm **** talking you in that weekly columbus tourny/smashfest thread.

    dealwithit.jpg =D
    Oh of course, that's the only way to do it. XP So much disrespect up in hurrr =P

    lol clones doubles teams for lyfe, gonna have to throw that **** again sometime just for ****s and giggles hahaha
    Hey Juu.
    Sorry, I didn't respond to your text. My phone is off right now and I'm in Cleveland at the moment as well.

    I won't be able to make it to French's today. D:
    just in cas you didn't now.

    Theres a tournement at a new store in ohio. store is called super game team

    Its August 6th

    Its in the Midwest Forums
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