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  • Hey man! Been a while. Do you still keep up with the tournament scene? I'm guessing you must do pretty well, your Sheik was always beast

    Edit: I'm Greg
    I'd rather not derail the thread but:

    There are serious legal ramifications (like whatever gaming commission your state has, not rulesset stuff) that are entailed when allowing computer elements in the game alter the score board. The way the scoreboard in brawl is measured for tournaments is via percent and stocks. Hazards that alter the scoreboard should be disallowed due to legal ramifications. As compared to stage elements on rainbow cruise that while matchup changing they exist entirely in the context of player vs. player because a player must capitalize on the terrain in order for it to matter in the scoreboard. A player doesn't necessarily need to capitalize on say Halberd's claw or Brinstar's acid to matter because they are active hitboxes that aren't player generated that alter the scoreboard without the need for definitive player vs. player interaction.
    Saw your post on missing GR > Dacus

    Have you tried BDACUS since it's a 10 frame window for more inputs instead of two?
    A full hopped fair is great for edgeguarding and catching people offguard, otherwise its a terrible move.
    Good lord somebody is questioning DK's f-air.
    I am 98% certain that I have pinpointed the pattern for Norfair. Just stopping by to say that you were incredibly close. :)
    Hey, just wondering if you'd be willing to help with match-up writeups for Sheik? I'll probably be getting to them myself this weekend.

    Like I know I was joking that the GK is running out of friggin gods, but lmao.
    So, Judo...this monday, we need to go door to door and tell the folks the good news: Metaknight is banned, PRAISE THE BAN!
    I know 15 smashers off the top of my head that would have no issue removing Snakes Utilt range lol. And why should the line stop there? There are others things that could arguably need fixing.
    If I was one of these, you were wrong :glare:.
    Here are the modern counter agruments to Onett.

    Pick a character. Stand in 1 portion of the stage. Have MK tornado you, and move to another part.

    Can your character catch him? 90% of the cast cannot.

    Or pick a mobile character who can camp the left side. G&W/Marth/MK are hell to approach against on the left side with the edge there.

    The problem with the stage definitely isn't Dedede, that's that old school ignorant mentality. But banning it was the right move when you look at how easy a lot of MU's get if you run away. Catching Wario on this stage is flat out bull**** for a good list of strong characters, same with trying to get MK or G&W. Even if there was some semblance of balance between character CP's there, it would be focused on timing out the other guy or finding a prominent character that counters the character you are trying to time out with, BY timing them out better.

    JJ, GG, Norfair, and Pirate Ship all need to be in before Onett. I'd also favor PTAD before Onett.

    Yes, I know the cars are there, but I really don't like the idea of playing on any stage with a permanent walk-off, even with stuff to interrupt it and the walk-off not being full stage. Yes, you can just wait for the car, but I still don't like it.

    I understand the arguments behind it, they aren't crazy or anything, but still. Permanent walk-off = auto ban in my mind.
    Testing it in weeklies is perfect! I'll start using the stage as a CP in MMs if I can get the opponent to agree and will practice it more in friendlies to show progress and adaption to the stage. I think since you are TO that would be a really big driving force.
    Yooooooo, me and you, and some other pro-Onetts need to organize data and a good summary to make a big push it to be legal. I think this is very possible. Most if not all counter arguments are weak.
    Yo, Judo. I wanted to poke your brain about some Sheik stuff. Would you be able to get on Skype and talk later?
    Yo man you have nothing to apologize for, if someone said something like that about socal I'd have been on their ***.

    Honestly it was my fault for posting any kind of inflammatory remark
    He bro, I hear you know a ton about this game...how can I learn more about the game so I can increase my skill? What threads would be a good start, or what should I know in order to have a decent understanding of this game?
    Well, I originally wanted to play Zelda a long time ago, but didn't like limitations of her mobility and DI capabilities.

    I also liked Sheik but I hated her mobility even MORE so and she was really hard to DACUS with.

    But just last weekend I used her quite a bit in singles, using both of them in specific scenarios. Her needles are hella useful; her vertical acceleration that you taught me about is insanely fun; her fast moves are extremely gratifying... And then I did a BDACUS on ACCIDENT off of a platform, and I fell in love... (I've never been able to DACUS with Sheik, but now I'm going to !@#$ing learn)

    Zelda lightning kicks and her crazy disjointed hitboxes are fun, and I wanted to use her when I want.

    I'm surprised though, I wonder why so many people are picking her up? I might not last long with her (don't say "that's what she said" PLEASE XD) but I do want to learn Sheilda competitively. May use her in low/mid tier tourneys :)
    I am taking an interest in Sheik/Zelda. She might be my forth. :) Or is that fourth/fifth? haha

    Wario/Pit/Jigglypuff/Sheik+Zelda, get at me!
    What's the ratio of people talking about you to people taking an interest in a martial arts when you name search anyways?
    Which throw does more damage? I like uthrow because it puts the opponent above Sheik. Can't people just DI the fthrow away?

    I approach way more as Fox. I actually think Fox should be played pressure pressure pressure. I think Sheik is too fragile and does too little damage to not be played very carefully.
    Done... and it's no bother, I understand.
    BTW, are you going to any tournies here soon? I kinda want to go to one before Christmas.
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