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  • do you play overwatch?
    someone posted it in a group chat i'm in

    tbh how do you even counterpick soldier tho?
    well they had 6 soldiers.
    the proper counter would have been 4 Reindharts and 2 Mercies.

    That is why I am Reindhart in the photo. I don't play him, but that is the counter.

    After we stop that push then we should have dropped a Mercy and a Reindhart for 2 soldiers to counter the Pharah counter.
    My team were potatoes though and didn't want to listen. I was playing with my buddy who was a low level so that is why I ended up in that group. At high levels this sort of hero stacking crap fails hard.
    where do you live in ohio

    you are in the know were taking like 3 or 4 cars to a michigan regional this weekend right?
    I'm sorry dude. I would have been down, but I was in Hawaii at that point in time and now I am living in Cali for a bit.
    Hey, SL. Its weird to think its been... 3-4 years already. I take it you got time off from duty? I knew you were in service, but I did not really recall how you were doing it exactly.

    I got made moderator randomly and I am not really sure why. Falco boards were pretty dead to begin with. I'm not complaining though. Red name is pretty cool. Other than that, I've been trying to get through college. I've got my finals this week. I'm still playing smash in my free time. I think I might quit Brawl altogether and focus on melee. I find it a much more fun game despite having only like 10 fun characters compared to Brawl with more.
    God. I've found someone who can outdo my gun encyclopedia-ness. xD

    Oho, wow. That's awesome. $225... that's about what I've seen new Mossberg 500s go for around here. I would take a '97 over a Mossberg. :p Right... Winchester quit making the 97 in '57, according to that Wikipedia page... I really wouldn't want to lay my hands on a reproduction, it's either a real Winchester or nothing. 8l

    Thaaaanks Savior ^.^
    Hey, Savior... uh, well, I'm thinking about shotguns. Obviously not to get anytime soon, since we just got that Blackhawk, but... I've got some interesting choices - Winchester 1897, 1912, or 1901... all 12 gauge. Any prices you can give me for a, y'know, good condition genuine Winchester?
    Ahh... ^^; Yeah... Walmart, ugh. You don't like Taurus, huh? Well, most of their stuff isn't too impressive to me anyway, other than the Judge... but, S&W has their own, heh.

    I love mine, I know that. Gonna shoot it on Saturday, I'll let ya know how it goes. I'd like to show you a picture... We'll see.

    Oh WOW, dude. That's awesome. Let me know how that goes... I'd love to learn gunsmithing.
    Actually, never mind any of that. Guess what I got today...?

    Ruger Blackhawk, .357. 7.5" barrel.

    So happy. C:
    By the way, bud... Since your more of a gun genius than I am, let me get your opinion... I got three guns that I would like to get soon - a .357 six-shooter, either a 12 or 20-gauge pump or double-barrel (There's a nice 20 gauge Mossberg at Walmart, much as I don't like the idea of buying a gun from Walmart ^^')... or a Ruger No. 1 in .300 Win Mag... give me the scoop.
    It's a fact of life that Americans can't drink unless they're Irish or trailer trash.
    Still not ready for the big time drinking brother!
    But yeah like I said personally I would have LOVED to keep the blog open but gotta keep it kid friendly as they say.
    Huh, well it's good that you're fine. I've got a couple friends who have been deployed at various times.
    Saviorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's been too dang long how are you where are you are you okay

    And while I'm at it... have you heard of Heritage Manufacturing? Seems they make replicas of old revolvers, mostly SAAs... new 7 1/2" .45 Colts are $480... which, that's a lot less than Rugers and real Colts it seems... what do you think of 'em?
    What is your avatar? It's really been bugging me, as I know I've seen it before somewhere...
    ...Wow, haha. O_o You know your stuff... Super Redhawks are double action and .44, though, y'know...

    The prices you gave me are pretty nice, man. Other than ammo, but I wasn't expecting great prices for ammo since .45 LC isn't VERY... common. I assume. Thanks! :D
    Hey bud, quick gun question... I'm looking into single-action .45 revolvers. And when I say .45... I don't mean ACP, hah. What are good prices for new Colt SAAs and Ruger Vaqueros? Blued.
    lol maybe! I remember you're some kinda crack genius with concepts and higher functions so it -is- fairly interesting that math was tough, but one of my math teachers basically stated that basic algebra remains the "hardest" of math subjects for most people, myself included ^^
    good old high school English, lol... the most hated subject of my childhood, go figure. I'm hoping to make an impact here; the school system in south Mississippi is really lame, and underfunded, and suffers from a real lack of promise. I'll be required to teach in a "critical needs" district which the federal grant I received to get my license requires, and for a minimum 3 years. Who knows where I'll end up, but wherever it is it'll be definitely challenging to say the least.
    holy crap, that Navy?? nice! My oldest step brother was in the Navy, it's a great opportunity.

    My wife's good, she's making bank as an assistant manager at a parts store, and I'm about to hunt for a teaching job, just waiting on final confirmation from the certificate people so I can get a license.
    Boot camp, huh? Man, I wish you the best of luck. Navy, right? Haha, if I wasn't such a coward and we still used battleships, I'd join the navy too. XD
    That would be some epic shyyt if I do run into you at basic. Going in as a IT.

    Also for her birthday in December I got us matching bracelets with each other's name on it. So that should do for the setimental stuff. I believe she'll be faithful but she's just so negative about everything and it doesn't help much at all.. but yeah like I said she's coming over this weekend and i'l definitely talk to her more about it.

    Also I had a future sailor (sailor now) come to the dep meeting today and she told us that the mailing in Chicago is terrible and that we won't be able to have any kind of contact with the outside world until weeks 4-8. And pretty much basic was simple. The gas chamber isn't as bad as it sounds. She told us that running, floating, and staying awake during p-days is the hardest part.

    But yeah I'll be looking out for you. I'd definitely would like to find a person that I would have something in common with.. when do you ship?
    It's okay. XD

    Hmm... I see...

    Really? Hmm. I'll look for both a 10/22 and a Henry, then... I mean, my main gun's a lever action, so a .22 version would be neat. :p
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