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  • Right now it depends how much homework I'm getting this week.
    When is the deadline?
    I guess so, do you have the link to the thread.
    Want to take a look at it again.

    You can go around to character boards that you think you might use against IC's, look at their matchup thread, and see how they might do against IC's. Or even go to the IC boards' matchup thread and see what characters they go neutral/are disadvantaged to.

    After choosing a character there, go to the Q&A thread of that character and ask if they really recommend using that character to go against IC's, and what kind of tactics you could/should be using.

    You should also have been asking "I need a counterpick", not a "third main"

    Your thread was called "I'm so sorry about making this post."
    You ask specifically in there "Now I need a third man."

    Typically every character board has matchup and Q&A threads, so we don't need a thread like that in General Discussion. It's very straight-forward.
    Yes we are.
    But Brawl is a diffrent game then melee.
    And, no matter how much it is discussed..
    No one is ever going to know why the did the stupid things they did.
    Mostly because they made new characters, thats it, and because they are ********. The whole game is broken, in so many ways.
    Since no one knows the reason, and we won't find out by discussing it,
    People took it as you whinning about it.
    Brawl's a diffrent game then Melee. I'm a Fox mainer and personally I couldn't care less what the tier list says. Stop whinning about it,.
    I'm actually at school right now and then soon afterward going to work so I wont be able to play much till 10:30 at night.
    No I meant 10 charmanders :dizzy:...
    I also side with nick with the wifi thing but we can work something out. 3480 2208 7140 - same name
    His name is Mike, I think he is a freshman at Shawnee. He's a good guy, kinda weird at times, but aren't we all. :) You gotta give me a number to call if you want to know when we play, since we play at randoms times every day.
    Ooo... Please don't make it the 25th, I have to be in Cincinnati that weekend. When you are able to talk to them, ask for a list of days that would be available.

    As far as online brawling goes, I'd rather not. I'm not a big fan of the lag times, and my internet has been crappy lately. Again, I've met someone on campus that wants to start playing competitivly if you're able to make it down.
    I went to where they usually met about a month ago and no one was there, so I'm not sure if they stopped or whatever.

    If we could get a tournament happening in Portsmouth, that would be too badass. We should definatly look into trying to get a room rented out, let me know what they say if you ever get a hold of them.
    Hey, I found another smash player in Portsmouth if you ever get a chance to come out and play. He lives on the Shawnee campus so I figured your parents would be more lenient to let you come out.
    The only place I can play that's not the gamers thing is at my house on Franklin or my friends house just barely off campus.
    ya, I go there a lot with friends, the only place I can find bawls in a case!
    Ya, my PT was awful, but again I'm blaming everything on laggy gameplay. Except for my Ivy, he just sucks :).
    I don't live on campus anymore, so I'm not too sure what they do there. As far as your falco goes, it's too hard to judge an online fight. Oh, and I'm going back to Cincinnati again this weekend, referee class :/
    Nope don't know 'em. The Gamers thing meets on Thursdays at 8 pm i think? Are the people you play with any good? I've got one friend in Portsmouth who is decent, one friend in Springfield, OH who is very good, and one friend in Florida who is pretty good.
    I'm not a really big church go'er. I'm interested to see how our matched turn out when we can play without the internet getting in the way. Your Falco did pretty good, I liked the >B cancel, I never knew where you were gunna end up.
    Nope, don't know Tim. Is he a student or a teacher? How long you been playin smash for?
    I was in Game and Simulation programming, but switched to Communications which is why I'm behind a year. The programming major was fun but HAAAAAAARRRRRD
    Thanks! I try... however I forgot to pick ike though(:ohwell:), and I agree you should Definitely main Olimar dude!
    Thanks I'm pretty good but there's always room for improvement they say. Though I am rather dissapointed wit my sonic... more training is needed. -_- And nice olimar, ike, lucario btw... I was impressed! :)
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