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  • Oh i see well get a 3ds or wii u for u be available to play with the next Super Smash Bros n_n
    Okay then.

    It should be pri interesting, I'm also hoping to get into the co-op as well. :)
    It felt like FL over here yesterday...it was a high of 42 C...:urg:

    Did I tell you that I'm going back to school in the fall?
    Are you sure about that? :smirk:

    It's gonna be pretty hot over here for the next lil while...mid 20s to low 30s which would be...77 - 89.6 in F...:urg:

    And I've been busy as of lately trying to find summer employment in my town...sorry.
    I haven't played MC on the 360 for 2 weeks...waiting for the 1.7.3 update which'll include creative mode. =/
    Great, they made crafting real simple, unlike the PC version. (The 360 version will be updated soon to be on-par with the PC version btw.)

    I stopped watching MLP back in December, but I still think rather highly of the show. (Have you even given MLP a chance before making an assumption?!?!?!?!?)

    Yeah, it's great.
    No, not really. Actually, yeah, maybe just a bit. :awesome:

    I'm going to play it safe like I did with the OG Black Ops and prolly wait till Jan/Feb to pick the game up. (No promises tho.)

    Dubstep is terrible. It's worse than country and rap combined. :mad:
    I got this laptop back in '09 for college since my program required one for the 2nd and 3rd years. In this household, we have 3 desktops and 1 laptop. And lots of iPods and iPads. :p

    Yes, it looks...stupid. (To put it lightly.)
    I am and always have been a fan of the 1897: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Model_1897
    Not only is it sleek, effective, proven in combat + over 110 years of use and simple, but it just feels good. Not only that it can break down into two parts to fit into a back pack. The 1897 remained unrivaled for over 50 years as far as an effective design was concern. In my opinion its only true predecessor is the AA12 (since it made the jump from tube mags to removable mags and then made it automatic). You can argue the SPAS but that's like arguing what's better, a heavily modified 100 year old Mosin Nagant or a heavily modified Model 700. At 500 yards the target will still die the same way to the same physics from a weapon system using roughly the same mechanics.

    I can not give you prices at the moment. It would seem that my gun book is in Ohio while I currently live in Washington state. If I do remember correctly though I talked a guy into letting me buy one for $225 and it was in really good condition. That's the thing about shotguns, they are usually pretty cheap (wish I could say the same about their ammo). Just make sure that the serial numbers on the shotgun is predated to 1985. Other wise quality is in question. I would shoot for one made between the 1940's and the 1970's.

    That's all I can say off the top of my head without referencing to anything. Hope it helps.
    Thank you. :)

    Get a new computer? How old is the one you're currently using anyways?

    Yeah, the ending is terrible. I'm about halfway done the game right now and I've only had it for 1.5 weeks lol. :p
    Oh yeah, that part. It took place at the end of episode one. Sorry,my memory is pretty bad these days. >.< (And am I the most bad-*** Asian ever???) :smirk:

    I just checked, it's being released on the XBLA/PSN/PC and iOS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_(video_game) (iunno if you're patient enough to load this on your connection.)

    And how you been lately, Pat? I got Mass Effect 3 on Saturday. :3
    Really? Well that reference went over my head. (Is it in an episode which I haven't seen yet?) My memory is pretty bad...

    Good. Really? What platforms? 360/PS3/PC?

    I'll let you know.
    Woah there young man, you'd better wash your mouth with soap! :smirk:

    I can't wait till Rick beats Shane's ***. Shane deserves it. And more IMO.

    You also won't be seeing me on this site that much longer but we'll still keep in touch.
    I wish, I'm a pretty good blackjack player. :smirk:

    Also, I finished season 1 of The Walking Dead a few days ago. Gonna start to watch season 2 next week. :awesome:

    Shane is a **** btw.
    I also like Glenn cause he's like me, he often does stupid things without thinking. :smirk:

    Really? I'll let you know when I get to season 2, okay?

    Sucks how the camp got attacked at the end of episode 4. =/
    Sucks how High school of the Dead has been on hiatus since Jan of 2011. =/
    I don't blame you for thinking that, but I ain't complaining about a day off. :awesome:

    I'm currently on episode 5 (Season 1) and I can say with the utmost confidence that Rick is the man. I'm really enjoying the story and the main characters. The part in episode 2 where they cut up that guy's body kinda make me sick tbh...and I don't get grossed out by violence that easily. =/

    I'm going to have to watch season 2 online since it's not over yet on TV and probably won't be on Netflix till next year. Oh well.

    And thanks for the tip! Another friend of mine recommended that anime to me earlier today and I'll check it out ASAP!

    I'll be on MSN sometime later this week, I can promise you that, Pat. :)
    So? I am too but I still celebrated it!

    Also, watch The Walking Dead, if you like Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead/Zombies then you'll surely enjoy this show!
    I'm all better now.

    How does tomorrow night sound? Got a specific time?
    I was about ready to get mad about the mere thought of a wally world gun and support the purchase of a .357. I myself own one... it's a Vaquero not a Blackhawk though. I love it to death.
    Just remember, never buy a Taurus. lol

    ps I'm about ready to machine my own gun around a Mosin Nagant barrel and receiver. It will be a heavily modified piece of art bringing the old war horse to the 21st century!
    Maybe...I think I'm coming down with something. A cold, had trouble sleeping last night due to a stuffy nose and my throat kinda feels weird. :v
    What did you get/do? I'll try to be on AIM/MSN tomorrow night, what time would be most suitable for you, my good sir?
    WTF is that?
    I ate all kinds of things and got food poisoning like 3 times, but that was because of the food you get out to sea.
    I'm assuming that he lives in the city and has high speed Internet?

    Yeah...remember when we used to talk a lot? D:
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