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  • I've actually been thinking about replaying OoT on my N64, yay or nay? And I've lost track on how many times I've beaten a dungeon/temple w/o the compass or map lol. :p

    Dude...Mario games aren't that difficult, for TNSMB on the DS, I 100%'d that game. Had to use a guide to find all the hidden stuff tho.

    I've heard that Dark Souls is a difficult game, if you like hard games, I'd suggest playing Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV. (Both are on the PC.)

    And I like a challenge, but not ****ing impossible.

    Quote? You mean what you said on MSN a while ago? But I had to make room for new stuff...:c
    How bout that water temple? :troll:

    Dude, all the Mario games are ez, lol. Yeah, get those games, I've heard they're really good.

    How dare you! :mad:
    But I haven't played TF2 in a while. D:

    Pat, you know I love you. (No homo.)

    It's cool, btw, I got Killzone 3 for my PS3! Also playing Portal 2 on it.

    How's your 3DS/MW3?

    I'll also try to get on MSN tomorrow night, been busy for the past few days. :(
    Good to hear you had a great Christmas! ^^

    Got time to talk? I'm on MSN!
    A 3DS? I want one but I'm going to take the safe approach and wait 1-2 years for the inevitable redesign.

    Yeah, use it with a silencer and extended mags. It's pri good.
    Yes, I'm quite sure we both have each other added.

    Want to try again tomorrow?

    And how was your Christmas? Get anything good? (Maybe a new gun?) :p

    Use the super soaker/PP90.
    I was online as well, is MSN experiencing problems as of lately or something?
    So...you already know how I've been the past few days...how you been?
    Give me another day or two. I'm just now starting to relax instead of being paranoid like I have been for the past few days. :urg:
    I won't be creating a new AIM/MSN for a few days. Gotta lay low and see how things go.
    Sorry, busy doing research for my job. How about this weekend, buddy? ^^
    I've actually been listening to that song lately too, haha, it's pretty good. :p

    I need to play moar MC.
    Thanks, didn't think I'd still be around by now, haha. I see you've been on SWF for over 4 years but I'll always have seniority over you. :awesome:

    And if you think I've been here for a while, that's nothing. Some people who joined SWF back in 2001/2002 still post to this day.
    Oh, you've played a Fallout game before? I prefer 3 over NV. FAR less glitchy.

    And you like FFXIII? Did not know that. :p

    Check your email now btw.
    School and regaining my smash lvl later of the wii problem and disc of ssbb, finally i own then a wii and ssbb game by my own, soon gonna be prepared or maybe better than before.

    I have bad memory, I thought you knew that. :c

    Got anymore songs for me? If so, send them my way!
    I had to turn down the job cause it wasn't for me. D:

    And check your e-mail.
    We're such good friends, Pat. :awesome:

    And yeah, it's annoying. Makes clicking on things more difficult now. :mad:

    I got home a few hours ago from an interview downtown, I have a 2nd interview with them tomorrow. :)
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