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  • well i havent known biggie much, but ghost was just messin around.like u do.he didnt deserve such harsh punishment.by the way, im a noob at this thing so please tell me what you mean when you wrote link plox.thanks.oh and please consider it seriously


    Yeah I was kinda hard on him. He deserved it, I think.

    Okay, maybe. I'll think of it, Starwolf. Link pl0x?
    well basicly i want you to join becuase you seem like a you'd be a good member.there isnt much to say about the clan since we just started.but with members like you, it will be great.oh your rite about wolf's qoute.i just got lazy and decided to type a shorter version.
    ...This is cool...

    Uh, anyway, a bit more detail please. :p

    BTW, it's "When the time comes, don't hesitate. Just act."
    oh and the reason this clan was created was too rep. the starwolf sqaudron in the social groups, since no one was alredy doing it.so in the words of wolf,"dont hesitate to act".
    hey seeing as our a good wolf mainer, join the o'donnel clan social .wolf93 (u probably noe him) started it and im helping.we want to call all the wolf fans together.send me a message immediately
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