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  • meh, i knew it was from FE, he just kinda looks like the type who is rash and stupid.
    hey, new to this forum and tried for membership in this group! Nice to meet you and all! What would be the first thing one would do to get established and brawling? I've grown tired of thrashing my brother and am looking for a real challenge! Even harder than boss battles on intense!!! Can you help? And if not, can you direct me that way? Thanx!
    but i know that already <_<

    you should perhaps tell it to somebody who doesn't know already
    aim = aol instant messenger. lol

    and k, why dont you think anybody cares about you?
    haha... How long have you known me now? And you think im not cruel?

    lol i figured.
    lol it still does, i was in the debate hall.

    hmm, anything new and interesting... or possibly stuff i missed.
    Hi. I can't help but notice that you're an Atheist. I'm not going to try to get into a religious fight here, you can believe whatever you want. I just think you should know some details.

    Ans Atheist is a person who firmly believes that there is no God. Out of all the information in the Universe, humans know maybe half a %. That leaves 99.5% of doubt. Can you really base your belief (or lack thereof) that in 99.5% of all the information out there, there's no conceivable way God could exist? That sounds silly to me. If you'd like to reply, please, go ahead. You don't have to, but please think about it. Thank you, and have a nice day..
    sure, you could even check it out in school:laugh:
    (google>bypass school system>youtube :D)
    Oh I forgot >.< I swapped clefairy with that pokemon on the cover of the pearl version..uh..whatshisname..sorry I dun know its name >.< but that one instead of clefairy. at lvl 40:)
    oh cool :D
    I'm kind of a noob with pokemon though >.< all I know is that Garchomp = kinda godly:laugh:

    anyway:) my team is:

    Scizor (lol hacks) lvl 40
    Garchomp lvl 53
    Torterra lvl 49
    Gardevoir (lol hacks) lvl 40
    Rapidash lvl 40
    Clefairy (I just like clefairy lol) lvl 38

    I know, it sucks >.<
    but I have quite some pokemon trained to around 40 (wich isn't high, I know) so I have more choice than just these:) but these I like to use best XD
    yeah :D
    yeah, I do:) I just got the 8th badge in pearl:laugh:
    I've had the game for adges :/ but I only play it when I can't brawl:laugh:
    yes, you are very welcome:)
    please contribute all you can to the falcon board.

    thank you, and welcome :D



    >____> Oh dear. So that means I have to post all this on your profile? Mayonnaise. I thought otherwise after viewing other people's conversations.
    [*color="1f1f1f"]Your text here[/color*]

    This is the true invisible font, the 202020 that most people use can still be read w/o highlights.

    Also... you realize you post replies to visitor messages on the OTHER person's profile, right? :laugh:
    Nice eye with the invisible font, there. The actual color is 1f1f1f, for future reference.
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