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  • They requested a video, is it okay with you if I make the vid of our combo in action?
    Not many people are falconboard regulars.
    It will take a while for someone who posts to see it.
    nice thread:)

    but could you please edit the parts where I talk about falcon's variation of the thunderstorm out :p
    Its not meant to go 'public' yet.

    Thanks in advance

    I have the best solution (imo)
    I did quite some testing, and the best thing to do, is to simply leave out the first Dair.

    making the string: aerial Dair>falling first hit Nair>up b

    or (on floaties)

    aerial Dair>falling first hit Nair>SH sweet knee

    I think the best idea is to call the aerial Dair>falling first hit Nair the Patiknee combo, as all follow ups after it will be part of the patiknee combo.

    So we have several patiknee combo endings.

    What do you think?

    I have also figured out a falcon variation of ganons thunderstorm, wich I will call the 'knee storm' (as it includes knees, too).

    I am not going to tell you how the knee storm works yet though, I will test/try it out more before I tell you/post it.

    I suggest you make the thread for the patiknee combo. I trust you will include all the info needed to clarify the patiknee combo in the OP of the patiknee thread.

    ^_ ^
    I think its too early for a thread..

    you know. I'm going to think about this, and come up with the best possible thing with this.

    I am aiming for a real combo.
    and what I come up with will be called the patiknee combo. (as we both worked on it)

    what do you say?
    The string can be pulled off actually.
    Most people airdodge after a Dair (when they are beeing send upward)
    so this string can punish that airdodge nicely.

    And the Patiknee combo sounds awesome. ^_^
    ..yeah, WE.
    I made up the actual combo man:p

    in all seriousness, as first hit Nair combo's into a sweet knee on floaties, it could also go like:

    Dair>aerial dair spike>falling first hit Nair>sweet knee (on floaties).
    That would be smex.

    but yeah..Dair>earial Dair isn't a real combo as far as I tested >.<
    well my idea was to Dair>Dair spike>falling first hit Nair> up b.

    But I guess nothing combo's into an aerial Dair spike >.<
    well, I was told Dair combo's into Dair spike, wich isn't the case.
    Or at least I didn't get it to work..>.<

    So the idea was a stupid one unfortunatly.
    I will look into it more, but I doubt it will turn out to work >.<
    You gave me an idea with your Dair spike>falling aerial idea. (for falcon)
    I will look into my idea (brought to my mind thanks to you, amongst others).

    I will get back to you about this.
    Lol at doofus. Anyway, there's another group that was made. Its called the ADHD Candy Shop, you want to join that one? It was just made, so we haven't did much besides create a Xat Chat for it.
    No, I am not 'anti' at all. Everyone who likes brawl+, should be able to play it imo.

    I just dont play it myself.
    Why would the -ven be pronounced any different? That's the easiest part. And if you knew already, why would you ask?

    -10,000 pts for you. :mad:
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