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  • Way to keep up to speed with your profile pic
    Thanks man! I recently got back into Photoshop and I started posting here again since the reveal of Smash Switch, so I thought I'd combine these developments, lol.
    I just happened to notice that you're still around here.
    Just... with a different name.
    But I like Smash4U. It's not too bad. A big improvement from Brawl, despite the fact that they removed one of my favorite Nintendo characters from the series (Wolf O'Donnell).
    I've always preferred Melee as my favorite though. Project M was probably the funnest after that, but I just really liked that old classic cellshading that Melee provided. The gameplay was superior too, not just because of the hitstun, but I really liked watching the fluency of how things connected in the game. Watching Falcon, Samus and Ganondorf was always so entertaining. lol
    Those P4AU combo's look really cool! Good stuff.

    Yeah I agree completely. Melee is just so freakin' awesome it can't be topped in any way. With that said, my list of favorites is actually the same as yours (Melee>PM>Sm4sh) with 64 and Brawl after that. The Melee community is so awesome too. Also, I can't wait for Beast this weekend.
    To Knee or Not to Knee? Now that is the question.
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    Ah, I see. Yeah the natural sciences are awesome as well. Yeah, I agree; Uni is awesome.

    Agreed! Let's do that. Yeah, it's been a long time since I've played Brawl seriously. Melee has a lot more to offer imo.
    It'll be interesting to play a game together after like 5-6 years. And yes, I agree, Melee definitely does have a lot to offer. I tried playing Brawl again recently and it really is a pretty shallow game. Melee is harder to get the hang of but it's so much more satisfying.
    Indeed! And yes, I completely agree.
    Speaking of Tales of Symphonia, how does it play? I've been thinking about branching out into more of Bandai-Namco's games (besides just Pac-Man), so I'm curious about Tales and Klonoa.
    what the heck, i swear i never saw your message LMAO. yeah, turns out we cant give other people our namechanges
    ... now I'm thinking about how awesome Kratos/Zelos' Light Spear Cannon would be in a fighting game.
    You know, I was really hoping that they would include Bowser Jr, King K. Rool and Toon Zelda (with Tetra Transformation) in Brawl. It would be nice if they were included in Smash4. And yeah, I could really see Lloyd fitting into the game (if there's traditional gameplay).

    Forward Smash could be Beast.
    Down Smash could be Sword Rain.
    Up+B could be Tempest or Rising Falcon.
    [STILL Cont.]

    If I had to choose a few characters I'd like to see...

    - Lloyd (Symphonia)
    - Ghirahim (Zelda)
    - Bomberman (Bomberman)
    - Zoroark (Pokemon)
    - Black Shadow (F-Zero)
    - Paper Mario (Paper Mario)

    Unlikely, but still. Nintendo is grasping at straws for a new roster. We'll likely see a lot of throwbacks.
    [Cont.] -- Capcom's hand in it will probably have Megaman seeing as how Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright and Zero had their moments to shine in (U)MvC3. I can't really see them fitting Street Fighter, DMC or Resident Evil characters into it, but who knows?

    Nintendo will likely add Chrom from the recent Fire Emblem game and Mewtwo, seeing as how he's making a comeback with the new form.
    I'm honestly not sure who I want to be in the game. If Nintendo's truly going to add Namco Bandai characters into the mix, any character from the Tales series would be great (most likely Lloyd since Nintendo has been sporting Symphonia the whole way through)-- and we'll likely see Klonoa seeing as how they're trying to revamp the Klonoa games onto the Nintendo consoles.
    I did. I actually posted about it on some forums about a week ago. I'm really looking forward to it. I've been begging for a Symphonia remake ever since I played Tales of the Abyss-- and now going on six-seven years later, it's finally happening.

    Now, my question is -- will the HD remake feature free-run in battles for Symphonia 1?
    Lloyd. <3

    I swear, every time you update your avatar, some tidal wave of nostalgia hits me.
    Do you have it on the PSN or 360? I'm usually active on the BlazBlue/MvC3 threads on this site. That's the main reason I don't bother with the Falcon Boards as much anymore. lol

    And yeah, it wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't anything important. The next episode is pretty important to the plot though. They start the exorcist exams.
    Normally it comes out on Mondays, 5:00pm in Japan's timezone iirc. At least, the site that I use to watch them on says that's when it airs. It should be out really soon though.
    Definitely. Ao no Exorcist has to be the most interesting series I've seen in a long while. They've styled the anime a lot like Soul Eater and Kuro****suji, so that makes it even better. I'm still waiting for the next episode to come out tomorrow. Lol
    why would you do that D:

    uh, ill set up an sd card for you to install the HBC then, ill send it to you either tonight or tomorow morning
    wait wait, so you have the homebrew channel ATM?

    if not installing is easy, im not sure im understanding - if all that shows up in your HBC is WAD MANAGER, just copy the Riivolution App to the same folder that the WAD MANAGER folder is in, then Riivolution should show up in the HBC

    i included a small guide to installing your stuff on it... er, 3 actually lol

    Anyways, just copy the three folders to your sd card and run Riivolution in the HBC, then as soon as it loads up select what you want turned on (everything is turned on as default) and load.

    I left the japanese sound effects installed if you want them, just feel free to delete it if you want
    ok, ill set up everything in a folder and send it to you - then you just add in the music and hacks you want
    to use textures you need either an SD card or a usb flashdrive and the homebrew channel, you got em?
    Keep in mind, I happen to be your next match in the Ganon tournament. If you have a preferred time, I suggest you let me know in advance, since I'll need to borrow someone else's Wii.
    Ah, ok..
    Of course I'll skip the fillers.
    Just need to find an Episode Guide, so that I'll be able to do that.

    Thx ~
    Hey, Techniqual Knock Out Not True Kill.
    I've watched Bleach part 1 now.

    I liked it.
    Is it worth continuing?
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