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  • So is your wifi fixed? I'd like to play this weekend (Ganongasm). If you message back in the affirmative I'll be checking back on here all day tomorrow I think.
    It's more of a mystery game to be honest. Every second you turn around, something else weird is happening and they make you do a full examination of the place for clues. Which Samus then links to her past. It's good, but yeah. There's better stuff. Just watch a "Lets Play" on it.
    So far, I like Other M. It's no Metroid Prime, but I do like the gameplay and story so far. I'm still at the beginning, so I'm sure it gets better.
    Well, I want it either way. After I try it out, I'll let you know if it's worth getting or not.
    Most people are stupid regardless, so it doesn't bother me what they decide to be stupid with.
    Well that's true, but BBR make the tier lists so...

    Also I don't mind about the Falcon hype, character bias is natural. You guys aren't as bad as everyone makes out lol.
    Basically with the BBR character discussions everyone's all up talking potential tier placement.

    Basically it's the same thing, talking about what you guys think Falcon's tier placement could/should be, but just not talking about actual BBR rumours because they be untrue.

    Also who the **** is saying Falcon will be higher than Bowser in the next tier list anyway?
    Well tell you what, a Falcon theorised tier placement thread is fine, but the encouraging of false rumours isn't.

    I'll reopen it if you change the focus of the thread. Deal?
    Well actually the issue was the thread, since these are just rumours and completely out of the blue ones at that.
    Yes sir! Haven't been skating like I used to nowadays though. Mostly just stick to flatground tricks when I'm hanging out with frends, or for transportation. Skated like 4 miles last night.
    Yeah, I'm sure it'll be amazing. They should have kept her as the silent hero type though. lol
    Prime 3 was nice, but for some reason, I found the first one to be a bit more enjoyable. But that's probably because it was so memorable from finding all the Chozo Artifacts. That really left a scar on me, doing that without a guidebook. fffff...
    Yeah, it's also suppose to fill in just about all the major plot holes in the series. I actually feel like replaying Metroid Prime. That game was amazing. hah.
    Ironic that you posted that. I had just got done posting on a forum thread about the 'Other M' and how they needed to hurry and release it here not even an hour before you said that. It should be out really, really soon though.

    I'm a huge Metroid fanatic, so I'm going crazy waiting for it. You should get it too if you like the Metroid series at all. xD

    I'm trying to pursue other things in life. I figured trying to be the best Sonic player in the country is setting my goals a little low. haha.

    Oh yeah, I lost against him my first time. He keeps spamming Brilliant Cataclysm over and over, that and Guardian Frost. Uhhh... just keep Rita and Flat Chestellise casting and if he goes into overlimit, try to keep him running in the opposite direction of them. The sword has a chance to hit them when it flies across the screen, but the final hit shouldn't stretch that far unless he hits it dead in the center of the stage.

    FLY O' HOLY SWORD. ffff... makes me wanna play that game again.
    Which Boss? The two hardest bosses I had in that game were near the beginning, the Wolf-like thing and I think one of the Zagi battles. @_@
    Yeah, I'm hoping that they do though. The last I heard about it's release was that they had a recall not even a month after because there were some huge glitches in it.

    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World left me unsatisfied because it was such a short game. So I'm just hoping that Graces has a longer story. It kinda worries me that it's on the wii because most of those games are just short and flashy with the interaction. xD

    Ah, man. I REALLY hope and pray they expand on TotA, They made an anime of it, but it didn't give much closure beyond the game. Everything about that **** game was amazing. I still can't wait the ending without choking out a tear. ;-; TEAR'S FONIC HYMN IS SO FSCKING BEAUTIFUL AND SAD.

    Gahd, I could go on for hours about how much I love that game. <333

    P.S. I think it's Luke. Luke's the one who promised Tear he'd be back, hence the "I promised someone..." remark. >:U
    I'm alright. Been focusing on real life. Smash is kinda dead to me. I'd like to go to tournaments still, but it takes away from my school friends and junk. Plus I lose money.

    Oddly, I have to agree with you. As much as I love Symphonia, KoR and Vesperia, Abyss was probably the most enjoyable. <3 Sync, Arietta and Legretta. I always played as Anise or Natalia. hahhh.
    Nah, man. It's not kindness. If anyone turned down a good fella who was just disgruntled, it'd be sickening. I apologize again for jumping the gun so quickly. It's just, I've seen a lot of people are Smashboards who just annoy the hell out of me with spam.

    But you told me what's up, so it's all good. No worries. Glad to have you!
    I already said it wasn't personal. I don't dislike you, but I dislike your posting habits. From what I've seen, you spam, and when someone points it out, you try to be glib.

    You're more than welcome to post on the Ganon boards, but contribute something other than annoying one-liners. And if you do make a longer post, make sure it is relevant and in-depth; not just drawn-out and repetitious.
    It doesn't matter if other character boards have tier list threads, the Falcon boards don't need one and I don't plan on reopening it because it serves no real purpose. You gave no reasons as to why members were ranked in their respective tiers and it just seemed like a list of your friends.
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