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  • Friday works, basically anytime. I'll be working most of the day tomorrow though. I downloaded the latest B- too so we can give that go.

    Man that sucks; the disc reading lens on my Wii burnt out last weekend, so I have to use our other Wii that has nothing in Brawl unlocked until I can set up a USB Loader.

    I'm actually going to a mini smashfest tonight, I can play basically anytime tomorrow though.

    I have CoD 4 for the XBox lying around somewhere and I used to play that a lot. I got MW2 for the PS3 though, which was a bad idea because free PS3 internet = hackers. I got all my stats and unlocks erased by hackers twice (I'm assuming either for not having a mic or just for kicks) before I gave up on that crap.

    Anyways, good luck with exams. I'll download that B- now so we can do that whenever you get done.

    Actually I still don't have the latest version of Brawl-, I'll have to get it sometime though. And yah I've actually been playing some old stuff on my 360 recently too, mostly Arcade games though. Just played through Doom and Doom 2, trying to improve my old scores. Currently been playing a lot of Trials HD.

    Other than that I've got a lot of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games... so many that I couldn't tell you exactly which ones any more, lol. And then a whole bunch of odds and ends, nothing really recent besides Rock Band 3 and GH:WoR. I don't even play those games much anymore, I was content with GH3 so the new ones are mainly for my brother.

    Anyways, what games have you been playing? I might have one of them lying around.

    Not yet.

    I couldnt find the competitors table, so I didnt know who to play, nor does my wifi work yet.

    My access point is simply not found by my wii.
    The rest is all set.
    Not yet, problems with our new internet connection.

    I'll look into it again, later.
    I dont have access to a wii in the weekends >.<

    So the earlierst I can play now, is monday.

    Sorry for the (possible) inconvenience
    But, wow, I hate Sakurai.
    All I did was spamming Fsmashes, and it payed off.
    You said you wanted to play a long while ago, Hobs? I just remembered that lol. You want to do that now? I could also place you on the tier list afterward.
    Ye, GGs.
    Did you notice I canceled a Fsmash in the last match?
    I got the replay. Looks weird. Will upload.
    Fo shizzle, I still need to tryout for it. For now on I feel like using Marth and Captain falcon, even though i havent played in like 5 months....
    yo why do u play so gay/cheap as falcon your not agressive and only dodge and punish me when i miss thats not skill dont bother playing falcon if you make him a campy ***g lol
    dude those were so awesome and epic great games dude send me the links. oh and your falcons not bad hobs nice short hops (=
    I tried, but it didn't work.
    You'll have to send me that replay Vs Link, if it's gonna work.
    My Wii recognized you as "registered" a minute ago.
    You know, why not just try getting someone else to upload your replays for you if your "wii" can't add me?
    Attention Due To Inactivity You Are At Risk of Being DQ From The Perfect World Tourney. Please contact me by Thursday to not lose a life, and if you don't contact me by Friday you will be DQ
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