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  • So I herd you wanted some Falcon Dittos, hit me up when you're free. My work schedule tends to have me busy around 2 to 9ish on a regular day, (EST time).

    Haven't played Brawl in a while but it's time to start again, tourneys are a calling.

    Well You should join a ladder and play people in that, that's when people will start to acknowledge you.

    Let me know if you wanna play tonight or tomorrow. But let me know on AIB cause I never check this anymore :p

    Well meet up in the chat room.

    And yeah people aren't very friendly on AIB, here they are :p

    But I'm cool wit yah doggy
    get your *** into some tourneys. Your falcon is great!

    Also, go to Allisbrawl.com and add me and Sky as friends, and go into the chat room and find people who live in the same state as you and brawl them, you'll get WAY BETTER
    Thanks dude. I'm gonna become known for using her someday. Not famous, but known. After I wip 99% of MK users with her ;)
    Yah man! Those were a lot of fun, we kicked *** in doubles and then I got some nice replays from our 1v1s.
    Roxas isn't really from either. She doesn't go on the internet much. She signed up at CSC and then never visited again. *spooky* You'll never find her...
    Finally. I had a lot of stuff due today, but I finished them and I uploaded...3. Check "Dictigerforlife" on youtube.
    Good games just now man, I was already warmed up from doing AiB stuff so I was in the zone, lol.
    Hopefully I can try to get them up tomorrow, although it may be delayed. I don't have a computer to upload them, so I have to steal my Dad's.
    ~GGS :) lol dude u missed it when u left, i comboed zero with snakes box taunt and his up-tilt :D lol 2 good. Your CF has improved i see. I still main olimar, and i second samus/zss luigi and diddy kong.
    lol, no i didn't die. ur lucky i accidentally clicked on this link and saw ur message. i usually pop up every 2 weeks to see wats going on here. But i've been playing alot of Mario Kart these days, don't know why. But yeh, we gotta CF ditto again soon
    hahaha i know man, you've improved HELLA im stoked for you... ikinda main jiggz and olimar... i haven't brawled in a while so thanks for helping me get some rust off man!
    LOL no worries I'll do that, but that isn't a noob fights wasn't based on that. I was like a noob myself on the " Fox vs. Falcon" That was crazy. XDDD But yeah I'll be glad to add you. = D But make sure you got me added on the new Brawl code cause I had to start my brawl disc all over again my system was fcked up.

    Dude you're getting much better. The way you use that upB is very effective, especially as a follow-up to aerials and stuff.

    I would have played longer but my pizza got here, lol. I can play again now if you're still around.
    You think i'm good, but I met somebody who's better. He too says I'm good, but I consider him to be much better ;)

    quik2288 and I know I will be at his level, or can be, but I have a ways to go, and I have no friends that will help me train offline :(((
    Dude your Falcon has gotten sexy as well dogg! You were ****ing me up~

    I had a lot of fun man, I just wish we never lagged ;) then we could brawl everyday like old times.. But I'm also busy with school and work :p


    ggs you definitely got better try spacing more, the last two you did really good I woulda went revenge mode and played as fox or lulu but I had to leave srry lol. tell me when you wanna face my mains later, now your one of the better falcons mains I've played so far.
    Can't brawl now. :( I procrastinated on my homework yesterday, and I just had hockey twice today. I gotta work.
    LOl, your falcon makes things epic with my marth, I have to brawl with you so perhaps train with me so I can keep fighting with your falcon. I keep blocking myself like a mad horse, I just want to get better bro. You feelin me?
    Yeah youtube.

    I've taken noticce of people getting annoyed of Diddy, so I usually stay away from him. NO ONE can john against Ganon. No one. XP
    GGs man. Your falcon is never one to disappoint me. :D
    Ganon-Falcon is some epic stuff right there.
    I'll upload a few matches, OK?
    Yeah had to move to a new home, and stuff. So that's why I'm a bit rusty, I wanted to use my new fighting style, but I got to work on it all over again. XD Also... I might go ahead and get brawl plus sooner or later. I heard it was a lot better. I hope. Lol. Even though I don't have Gecko I have it but it doesn't work well. Lol.
    Hey blue great games, I apologize about most of the battles, I just got back from moving things into my new home, so my fighting style is sort of shabby. O:
    FC's in my "About Me". I hate it when people ask me. : /
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