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  • Yah, right now we have a problem with word censors, I tried to change a few and the forum crashed and now the censors are all buggy. So all of our posts look like gibberish, lol.

    I'll probably have it fixed by tomorrow though.
    K, I approved you, feel free to post whenever and wherever you want! I'll make you a member at the xat chat room too. You don't even need to create an account, just edit your default username.
    Good stuff man, yah you're welcome to join us if you want. We're gonna be making a combo video over the next month or two so if you wanna join you should get in on it. Here I'll send you a link to our forum:


    We have a xat chatroom embedded in the forum home page too so we can live chat. I'll have to activate your forum account before you can post though.
    I never stick around with FFA's to long myself cause either you get ganged *****, or they just get more paranoid because the other person isn't winning. That sort of thing. Lol. But I agree good games.
    oh ok she's only good if you know how to kill with her I'm ok as her but not good lol k I can't wait for some good old falcon dittos later lol.
    Great games man, That was some nice gaming I won the last round after you, and Dmd left, but it was really good fair game, Enjoyed the battle wish you could of stayed longer, but any who = D Hope to brawl you again.
    k my wii and everything is fixed brawl me whenever u want man I look forward to seeing your new and improved falcon.
    The idea was my defenses was to suppose to stay strong, but I have you to thanks for that, but because while fighting with you as much as I can I learn to let my character marth to go fast on his feet, but let's hope I can brawl you again, Keep going and keep fighting hard. I want to keep getting better until I'm untouchable just like you = D Your Falcon his knee to the face man that get's me all the time!!! I'm like. "One day I got to get pass that." XD
    Lovely battles! = D I hope you enjoyed my new fighting style, I call the the hiten spike. XP I taught myself fighting a little faster, and harder I can only do it a certain amount of time, but seriously good games, My other characters are never that great sometimes, but I'm lucky with my marth I can be able to learn how to spike a lot faster then before. Which as you saw. ^_^

    I hope to brawl you again Blue awesome matches, just awesome. ^_^
    Honestly- I think your playing has improved a lot. You know your character, you have style, and your hitting me A LOT more. I even can see you're thinking about certain desicions rather than just acting on impulse. Kudos to you RCB. You were about 50 50 with me.

    In all fairness you were seemingly as good as me, ;) but don't get cocky.

    A. I'm not even that good.

    B. With as much lag as our games had, it made it difficult to tech roll or do split second manuvers which I have become used to with my ZSS.

    Feel good brother. You are just about the only person I brawl anymore. After going to the AIB chatroom I got my *** kicked by ADM. Pit, Zonda, Ramen, Bboss... I realized where I stand.

    I'm about a 3/5 player verging on 4. It's hard to define skill in any fighting game. But I feel the key lies in about 3 things. Knowledge, instinct, and cleverness.

    If you know what moves to do all the time you'll automaticly become a 3/5 skill level player. BUT when your faced vs somebody who knows as much as you, then the person who has better instinct will win. And, the most clever of any two opponents will always have an advantage. ALWAYS.

    Take my advice. Find out how to play falcon as good as possible, then find what you need to do inside yourself to become better. That's a qoute from Daigo, a fighting gamer legend.

    love yah bro.
    Im not on much because I'm always playing FF9. Yup FF9. And I have five classes and work :)

    But I want to brawl you and everyone1
    Why than you for that. = D

    Honestly my spiking needs more work on it, I could keep stepping on heads and making people fall, but that's a little bit tough it takes practice, but yeah your right even roxas on here had trouble trying to grab me with lag, but I'm not complaining cause honestly I hate being grabbed. The only person I know who can do a lot of epic win is Zack and his his kirby is still awesome when you fight him, but that's the only person here on SWF I know who knew how to handle lag while fighting.

    But ... I'll try to think of more insane idea's for us the next time we fight.
    Alright I'll keep that in mind, and oh no I have to watch out for your grab, and throw thing. You punch me a bit then you throw me. I could of done the same thing with my marth. One hit and grab, but... My skills with lag is rather tough doing so. So I couldn't unleash all my full attack against you either, but I think you did the most awesome moments, and I clap my hands for you for that, and also all those epic moments. So yeah will have to watch out for each other's move. I'm still training with some certain things.
    Lol, Perhaps you were holding back a bit, but you play well, and I admit you did make a lot of good epic moments with CF, but wow , were most of the time smashing, and... Knee face hitting. XP Omg... It was crazy, but I enjoyed the battle. = D I hope we get to do more again CF, Thanks for brawling me.
    Lol, we can brawl right now. I don't mind. I think that would be best I'll wait for you to get on. I got nothing else to do today really.
    Well then, Maybe we can train some time. I enjoy brawling you, and I've been having a lot of things on my mind so I might sooner or later like to clear my mind with things.
    Indeed, but dude... Samus is okay. Samus can be very deadly when it comes with Samus's spikes. But your Caption Falcon is the best ever so don't ever lose your fighting spirit when you brawl with Caption Falcon. XP
    Lol, Don't find me any different. = D Talk to me like you always do. I hate being treated different, but the reason why I like being like a dude, cause I get a better challenge from people, and my marth being *****? XD Hahaha..... I'll always complain but don't blame me if I use falco. XP Or kirby. Falco my second main, and my Kirby is the third. I use to used Zelda as my third, but oh well.
    Lol Well your an expert fighter, but seriously don't ever go easy on me just because I said what gender I was. Xp
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