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  • That's weird as ****. Listen, I'll be out of the country until August, but if you're interest, come early Aug, I'll get you an invitation to some smashfests with my Boston crew. =D
    Haha you missed him by a few months there amigo. I'll let you know next time something else is going down in NL. We're gonna be having small-scale tournies here every now and then and I'd love to have you show up and kick everybody's *** =D
    So you know, I've got a smasher from Worcester coming up to visit this weekend, and you'd be welcome to come up to Conn College sometime to play a few rounds with us if you'd like. Lemme know.

    Now don't get me wrong, im not a huge Brawl hater, but I'd be down for some MELEE, I tell ya what : P
    Hey man-- Long time no see!

    I was just at XIIESTICLE this past weekend--Raiou and I were hoping to see you. No luck, though. Anyway, we're probably gonna be doing another tourney this year in NL, so you and your mates are absolutely invited.. i'll keep you posted?
    It was on Saturday. I got caught up with stuff, so I couldn't go =\. How about Reaper's Game IV in milford, I'm gonna make sure and hit that up. See you there maybe?
    Going to newbs for brawl this weekend? We need some more low tier reps, I can't hold it down myself xD.
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