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  • No problem bro. Its all good, I think I won't have much money myself for spoc, so I'll probaly just friendly. But don't worry, you'll have time to rep doc. Just remember, get caught up with school. Then money problems, and then smash. I have also been having problems, with housing and job, but its getting sorted out. Then, I'll try to get steady and then save up for traveling for smash tournies, like pound 4 or rom2. :]

    hopefully I'll play you sometime somewhere. Take care bro. And don't worry, you are reppin doc, in spirit. ;p
    Whats up man? How are you doing my fellow doc. How are you doing tourny wise? Sadly I haven't done much, but Imma try going to Spoc and Pound 4, lol.
    Rofl holy crap, funny thing is, I didn't get that message until about a week ago, message lag!
    ahaha yea man, im still more of a melee fan, but that really sucks I misted Xes,. Specially since I've been waiting for one for a while. Never saw it on the tourney boards, which blows since I REALLY WANTED TO GO :(

    But yea dood, keep in touch, we'll melee it up
    Hey man, long time no talk. Howzit goin? Gotta get some kind of get together going where we can all brawl each other to death.
    Is there any times you think you'll be free while also being at school? Like, during a short break or something.
    I love your avatar.

    I also was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime this semester.
    Ahaha! **** man long time no talk indeed. Yea last week was in issue of gas for me, couldn't get a ride alternatively. But definitely keep me posted on the upcoming tourney, would be more than happy to come. Melee or Brawl, need to know which to keep practicing.
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