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  • I know that SOUNDS bad, but by historical standards it's practically a news flash. For example, our earliest biographies about Alexander the great don't come until 400 years after his death. I know people can lie and forget, but the fact that we have 4 harmonizing accounts, and the people that wrote for them died (excluding John, who was exiled) for their beliefs, I'd say that's some decent evidence.
    Actually, I said that after reading your post in the Debate hall social thread (I can't exactly reply in the thread, after all...) Anyway, what I'm trying to prove is that Jesus did indeed do miracles. Think of the accounts of the disciples like eyewitness testimony in a court of law. The disciples are telling what they believe to be the truth, there's multiple accounts harmonizing on the key points, and their records have been handed down to us accurately.
    You REALLY need to read my new testament thread.
    1)The new testament was written closer to the time of events than ANY other ancient text
    2)We have closer and more numerous ancient copies of the bible than ANY other ancient text.
    3)The people who wrote the Bible completely believed what they wrote and died horrible deaths for it.
    4)If the Bible was a lie, the rulers and pharisees would have completely blown it up. However, no such thing happened, and in the Talmud (a large Jewish work: Non-biblical!) the pharisees claimed Jesus was demon possessed rather than deny his miracles.
    Hi I am new here, I definitely need to go to this, so I can practice for Saffron City. Can I get your phone number so I can contact you if I get lost on the way? Thanks! I hope you guys are not full already.
    haha. I don't know. Obviously TFS posts don't count. I don't go on any other boards, so I will forever remain at 1 (smash n00b).
    That sounds good. Let's SSFIV collab on plans. C. Viper style!

    I can't believe that you showed me that crap!
    Yea, I'm planing on going to Apex. It would be a crime if I didn't go. It's in Jersey after all.
    dude that is kool wit me otg said he might come and if not and u r free if u take a train to poughkeepsie i will pick u up
    Mikeal if i throw a tourney on the 9th of january in poughkeepsie u think u can make it
    Hey Reaver I remembered meeting you at PlayBox, but didn't get to chat afterward lol sorry. I had a bunch of friends come by so I ended up spending time with them and forgot all about it. Just so you guys know, at NYU, since you're connected with the smash community there, I'm hosting a Brawl tournament with the help of the Poly gaming club at Poly most likely on November 28th. Hopefully we can have some of our friends at NYU join us.
    thanks for telling me. If PA plans fall though, I'll be at the Princeton event
    I would like to, but have something planned on this date. I'm gonna be at a Drexel University event actually =[
    Hey Reaver, sorry for the late response. I haven't checked the boards in a while actually. Yea that definitely sounds like a great idea man I will let everyone in Poly know I'm sure they'd be excited to participate (provided it's not too late at this point lol). When do you guys typically do your gaming? I was actually the president of the gaming club at poly and since I graduated it's under new leadership. The new pres is also a Brawler lol. Yea let me know man let's keep in touch and we can maybe even shoot for some mutual events with NYU and Poly?
    My dude mikael taking ****ing 9 stocks at No Johns draft crews!

    What's ****ing good
    I should infract you for that giant wall fo text in the religion thread. ;D
    Lol I guess not, but I'm sure they'd understand it was for the honorable cause of modernization. -__-
    What, you mean the people who created elaborate fairytales to keep a large number of people under control which wouldn't be possible in any other way, other than convincing them there was an invisible man that made you suffer for all your sins?

    (Hope the sentence didn't make you lose your breath)

    No, I think they'd be most pleased. It's been working like a charm since forever.
    Bait for hilarity.
    Also, religion is utterly amazing. It's a creation of genius which can cause millions to be under complete control. Is that not brilliance on behalf of the creators?
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