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  • Lol, No I'm not lying I know, and ricky knows. XP So I'm serious this time. It's just I have skills when I fight. XD
    XD Yeah Mk can get out of chain grabs often but he can still be grabbed if you can time it perfectly, Which you almost saw a couple of times in battle, but indeed good games, and no I'm really a girl fighter, Just like posing as a male fighter sorry I never said it, I just like being cool around guys. ^_^ I hope I didn't upset ya. D :
    Yeah my bad about that dude, You can always hit me a message anytime, I'm just been doing other things, but your Falcon awesome I just got fed up with my Marth he wasn't doing things I wanted him to do. Then you know watching your Falcon jump around and doge, and then grab me I decided to use my Falco to do rather a lot of chain grabs and spike. I just feel a lot more comfortable with him, Now as for MK, Just will start killing MK cause I hate the way his fighting style is period. If you thought Kirby was worse, I prefer sticking with Falco less damage to really owrry about if you can get him. XP
    Good games dude seriously. XD I apologize about the falco battle, It's just I've learn how to use him better then my marthy for some reason. XP
    GGs, ya? Your Falcon has improved.
    I'm trying to learn TL, as you may well know. You're the only one I haven't been able to successfully camp with bombs... I need to work on my bomb timing for faster characters like CF.
    Well thanks for the kind words! I should be back very soon. My Wii stopped reading discs and I delayed getting it back up and running since summer was coming to a close and I had stuff to do for college. But, I should be getting it back all fixed up within a week or so...
    Dude, I can't tell if your friend dmd having a hissy fit over the battle or not? cause honestly I got no time to debate wither the way I fight in Ffa is gay or not. I never like joining group battles every now and then, so that's why I sometimes don't bother. XD
    XDD Indeed, Well I've been working on ness every now and then, but dude, I'm like trying to do other epic things with my marth, but heck if dmd doesn't kill me first. XD
    Lol your marth is good, Your samus reminds me of Falcon so that would be best to put Samus Second, and your falcon I miss fighting him, but I know he's your main number one. Still is. XD
    OMG Just when I thought Caption falcon was bad with punching K.O's I miss your Caption falcon!! Why Samus? XDD Why?!
    Awesome bro. XD I don't know if you've seen the one with C. Falcon knocking out marth they edit it out, I'll show that to you if you haven't seen it but yeah that regular falcon punch reminds me of us every time I don't see it coming. XDDD
    Lol, It's cool really, thanks for the happy birthday bro. Seriously thanks! That made my day.
    Lol I joined before you did too. I was so amped for brawls release I had to find out everthing and anything I could which eventually led me here and Im glad it did because no other site gets so into detail and so specific about techniques and gameplay mechanics as SWF.
    In our battle earlier when you won before, When I was attacking you I saw nothing more then smashing attacks, Like down-c, side-c. You know, it's not a big deal I was just wondering at first why is everyone using more smash then fighting? XD But any how... Good games. ^^;
    Lol to be honest I don't dodge a lot I just shield more then dodge, That's the idea. I make people think I'm dodging a lot, but I just only put myself in a defense with speed. That's all it is. ^^ That's how I really fight.
    Good games bro, Seriously good games. I'm like now only holding onto two stocks, you can tell I've upgraded myself. :p For how long I don't know. XDD Until I am randomly get bored, but let's hope that doesn't happen. Sorry about the last match of us taunting. D:... I died anyways in the end. XDDD I ended up doing something stupid. :p The little toon link guy dissevered to win. ;p
    Lol, yea, I guess sometimes we have our ups and downs, Best to keep our head up and move forward as much as we can even in a brawl game, but hopefully I'll get to brawl you later on bro, Nice hearing from you.
    http://www.munozvelazquez.com/post/freiza/freezerfinal.jpg yo next live action thats wut freeza on namek will look like lol jk but yea gg's today i hate when u invite one of ur friends who mains cf cuz then all u guys do is falcon punch and taunt and think its hilarious, so i left lol but yea good games maybe hissss
    Yo man I'm just out I rather do one on one. I'm tired of lag, and I'm tired most of the time being ****, and I"m tired ****** people back, you know I know it's a game and stuff you and DMD are good I know how I am when I fight without lag, so yea maybe some other time. Just not feeling to perky today to laugh crap off now a days lol.
    Hey thanks, man! :)
    I used to be able to scrape at least one stock off you in Falcon dittos, but now... Way to go, I can see how much your CF has improved.
    Your marth is okay, Less smashing with marth, and more sword fight, then I'll say you got an awesome marth. Also D :... I had nothing else to say about the group battles I'm starting to dislike it I get **** to many times. XD
    I agree, I was rather surprised in a way you won the last round, I think I figured that happen sooner or later. lol. Well I hope to brawl you again later.
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