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  • oh okay i wont. thankx.i have metroide prime hunters,pokemon diamond,pokemon plntnuim,rayman,and new super mario bro.what games do u have for your ds?
    Thanks bro, keep it real. See you later if I'm still online. Probably be on basic brawl for a while.
    Yes I agree dude, Awesome games. I really have like a cramp going on in my finger. XDD Doing those leap of smashing moments.
    I don't mind. I think your C.falcon pretty good mainly because you know your character.
    Yeah I was all those ppl yesterday.
    Like ACE is my name when I use peach. But yeah your timing and choice of moves are pretty good. If your looking on things you need to work on delo quicker (my bro) said that your very wild and risky. EX: when you were playing Kingsmash-a-lot(he had my name on) he was using samus. You kept trying to spike and falcon punch his samus. Now im no samus expert butbIm sure most samus's have excellent airgame, so K~SAL was able to gimp and spike u. So yeah I guess the only thing Me and the other 2 saw was u being 2 risky.

    Our ratings: (If you give a dam)

    Professor mgw: 7.5/10
    Delo quicker: 7/10
    Kingsmash-a-lot: 6/10

    (Note* I guess delo's rating would be most important scince he actually plays with c.falcon. He rated his own 8.5/10. Lol, I'D say his is a 8(because of effectiveness. Anytime u wanna brawl though just hit me up.
    BAh, I know fox is a spam, like MK is a spam. I can't stand anyone playing MK, nor Fox to well, but I play Fox just because I wanted to clear my head every now and then. XD You got to admit I do play sometimes a pretty sweet fox better then smashing 24/7. Well I got time on my hands you still want to keep up with the training for a while?

    Also since you have Facebook you want to add me? I don't mind if you upload vids of our battles on there. lol.
    Awesome, I'll be on today so if you need me now I'll jump on asap. I'm working out for a bit, and I'm wondering also do you have like facebook? Just curious if you do or not. Cause I have one myself. : D

    Any who I love the cliff actions I thought I was going to die. XDDD Love the Falcon battle with marth. Will have to do more, I'm sorry I switched up on Fox, I wanted to relax my mind for a second so I can play marth again.
    Dude sorry about that, My brawl system just decided to be flipping out insanely, so yeah. D :.... Dude, I have to brawl you later on sometime. Cause my mom wants me to go do some stupid vote thing, but oh well. D :... I'll be back soon! ^__^
    Yeah sure, I was thinking about using my marth. Your caption Falcon become really elite, You've improved a lot too. So I'll be honor to battle you. ^^
    We need to brawl sometime again dude, I keep missing out on you. You guys got face book? Lol your friend I like to still fight with his marth, since were cool and stuff. I want to keep working on improving my fighting style still.
    UM...tomorrow? Probably. I'm usually on every day. But...my parents are getting kinda pissed off that I don't exercise enough, so I have to...well, exercise first.

    I sometimes sneak up late at night though :P (2 to 5 am)
    old hat means...uh, boring. Anyone could do it. It's just an expression.
    Yah good games! I wish we could have played longer and had some 1v1s though, our matches always have several epic moments, lol.
    it's okay i don't mind. hm i guesse final d for a good showdown and pokemon staduim 2 for kicks and the bath (sample stage on the stage builder) becuase it is fun
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