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Wild ARMs
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  • Hey Wild! How have you been!? We haven't talked in so long XD! Hope you come back soon!

    Well, just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Wild ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    http://fsmash.org/ It's almost always active, and I'm certain you'll find someone soon. I'll stay up a little longer to help you with anything on there.
    Lol not much. My name on Fsmash is UberLuigi. Tell me when you've completed registration.
    LOL Ninja'd. I had to stop playing about 30 minutes ago. Almost time for bed, sorry :( You could hop on Fsmash. There's almost always someone to play, and I get most, if not all my matches from there.
    Oh I see. o.o

    Not too bad, pretty much have everything done, just need to apply for housing. That and waiting on scholarship responses. And yes, I'm a senior. :D
    How unfortunate? lolwat?

    Man.... had two tests today, one of which I don't feel so good about anymore. Found out I have a high B in economics (trying to bring that A through >.<) And the rest of my day was solid.
    On a high note, all of the business of getting ready for college is almost done! :D
    So doing pretty well.
    Except for her

    Tell her to calm down and play less serious. Nobody wants to play on FD all the time, nobody. Not M2K, Ally, Gnes, nothing
    Then mix it up. Play different characters, have everyone play Captain Falcon, turn on all items, play on random stages, etc. That can't always "level" the playing field, but it sure makes things a lot more interesting and fun.
    Why would you do that to a nice girl? I bet she just wants to play Smash and you're just waiving your junk around her face, tapping her with a nut or two, taunting her endlessly.
    Rachel is a lot better, she can win now lol. Id say likely high....actually there's already a new tier list on Dustloop, but I haven't seen it yet
    Oh sweet innocent Wild.....Ragena has nothing on Makoto.....I'm really not looking forward to going through wave after wave of Makoto.....she's like Ragna meets Litchi
    Lol, I can relate on stupidity, I almost killed myself over not feeling appreciated in HOR.

    Ragna the Scrubedge, so many people fail with him, its so fun beating there predictable *****. Now Ragna is interesting in CSII tho, not nearly as scrub friendly, so it'll be more fun to fight
    Lol, not being appreciated/wanted I believe, all lies though :3.

    I love Rachel, but I don't like her gameplay style nuch, I'm more of a rushdown and grappler user myself
    Everyone wants to know me :3. I feel the same way, I remember when you left HOR, and what you said. I've felt that way as well lots as well, if you even remember what you said lol, I never wanted you to leave, I thought you were awesome :3.

    I <3 Plat, so gonna main her and Tsubaki, haven't played in a while tho, waiting for CSII
    lol, yeah, I do XD. She's just fun to use, you know XD?
    I know right!? I hope to comes out here soon. And great, sounds fun ^__^!
    I KNOW RIGHT!? lol XD.
    I mained Rachel for many of the same reasons XD. She just has an awesome personality in my opinion ^__^. But I hat how they nerfed her X__X. Still, I'm glad that Rachel is going to be improved in BBCSII ^__^! Maybe when I get a PS3 version of BB I'll play you sometime ^__^!
    Aww..... Well, we'll be waiting until you can ^__^.
    No problem ^__^. And yes! It is Noel ^__^! Isn't she awesome? (nice Rachel avatar too ^__^)
    Welcome back Wild ^__^! We've all missed you ^__^! Hope you'll come see us more often ^__^!
    You must be extremely busy. o.o Keep pushing through buddy.

    Edit 10/31/2010: By the way, I forgot to tell you that I finished reading your self-criticisms of your other early works. Lets just say my mom thought I had someone else in the room I was joking with because I was laughing so much. xD
    Most likely you'll be the next interviewee. Just wondering if you have the time to answer though before I post in HOR?

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