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Omnicron's Baklava Enterprises

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  • *hi...im Teresa Fidalgo. Today I turn 26 years of being dead, if you don'tsendthis to 20 people I will sleep by your side tonight FOREVER If youdon'tbelieve it google my name and you'll see.this is true
    yeah i feel that. doing anything fun this summer on the side? how's school going for you?
    Omnicron's Baklava Enterprises
    Omnicron's Baklava Enterprises
    yeah i just hang out with a bunch of friends and i will have gone on two different trips to places
    school's fine, though i'm not looking forward to all the science and math stuff i have to do, but oh well it's a lucrative field
    what about you?
    *hi...im Teresa Fidalgo. Today I turn 26 years of being dead, if you don'tsendthis to 20 people I will sleep by your side tonight FOREVER If youdon'tbelieve it google my name and you'll see.this is true
    Wow I sometimes think I respond to things because days somewhat blur together, now I have no idea what my orginal response was but thank you for feeling Im entertaining, however big difference in posting here than a 1on1 conversation.

    Also, I like the dessert back up plan though I doubt you will need to use.
    Also heres a white spider for lack of anything else to say:
    Oh, thats really nice, good luck with getting into the schools that you want then! Do you have a field that you were looking to get in?

    I do get on skype but I am the dullest person to try and talk to.
    Wouldn't know much about the proper age for gay sex myself but that seems about right, young & energetic will attract the cute(and or) experienced ones to you hopefully. =p

    Oh, hello Corn~
    As usual many months can go by with nothing really happening for me.
    Nice to see you though and I agree with what Teran says, you should get on skype and chat it up with him (then there would also be more visitor messages to lurk)

    For the life of me I cant recall your age at all, is it time for you to be doing the college searches? Tell me what youve been up to or planning lately. (Only if you wish of course)
    Well there is a semi active Skype group still, can ask one of the many DR regs to get you in I don't actually pay attention to it.

    We could do 1 on 1 if you can handle my Hulk Hogan trained body brother.

    K now really going to sleep. :3
    It's funny because I talk much dirtier about girls than I do about boys.

    I mean **** girls are far more fun to objectify. T 'n A brother!

    Anyway I'm going to bed you should get on AIM or MSN or Skype or something more so we can make fun of people like old times.
    Well I mean damn.

    If you like getting ****ed, then I suppose you won't have to worry as much about that.
    Man all mah negroes be dropping off in London possibly this year. Steel, Azua, and now Omnicron.

    My body




    I laugh at a decent number of my own posts.

    **** if I don't think something's funny why would I post it?
    OMG OMNICRON IS BACK MAH BALLS[COLLAPSE="[img]lolololololololololololoolblankpost[/img]"][/COLLAPSE]
    Eh, to each their own I suppose.

    Either way entertainment is entertainment, not something to ****ing OBSESS OVER.
    If it tries to not be stupid as hell and actually explore adult themes. Seriously watch Big O dub'd and it feels like if you took Batman, added ****ing giant robots and made the plot really ****ing different and interesting. The robot fights aren't even the most interesting part about it, which I appreciated.

    Also Ergo Proxy was pretty interesting, the end was kinda ehhh but yeah they also delve into philosophy and ****.

    Just some stuff to consider, I still reeeaalllly avoid most anime, like ****ing 99% of it. Every time I see the list of new anime for each season I'm like "wow I care about absolutely none of this ****ing ****."
    Well the thing is Anime CAN be deep, it is not somehow deep inherently. Like, Big O, I loved the **** out of Big O.

    Funny thing about Big O is that it's very influenced by western culture LOL.
    Oh the anime is garbage in generally I'm thinking more like, the main **** ignoring the filler.

    It's not deep. At all. They had multiple chances to actually make the show fairly dark and they ****ing FAILED. Also I love how what was once ****ing top tier **** is now like, this vanilla ****** garbage. Like, two high ranking guys face off kinda early in the series and it's supposed to be a big ****ing deal, then oh hey all the side characters can ****ing terraform areas even though they shouldn't be anywhere near that level of skill.
    Well yeah it has characters that kinda develop with a series of events that follow each other in a set order.

    Also it's terrible.
    I was into Naruto like...**** son, 5 years ago. Then my balls dropped hard and I was like MAN I GOTTA QUIT DIS ****. Thing is, wasn't even peer pressure or anything, I just couldn't take the ******* plot any further LOL.
    I can't remember if I have a reason to hate you.

    But your posts on the blog about hating stuff makes me not hate you.
    Oh gotcha, good stuff. We had the option for African Studies last year and I wish I would've taken it, the teacher is this white guy who wears robes and is basically like a black power activist.

    Why's it so ballin'?
    Omnicron! I was just about to VM you haha.

    Mine's going pretty well, got a bunch of stuff going on right now but one of my big time commitments is almost over, so things are looking up I suppose.

    Glad to hear it man, good stuff. Yeah junior year's tough haha, what classes are you taking?
    Oh yeah, funny fact. I got roombanned from the DR

    Apparently agreeing with SOPA isn't allowed on the website lol
    Well as long as you're happy and not completely lost in your school I guess that's all that matters
    Or they decide that they should move to Australia and leave you forever.

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