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  • I know it's slightly delayed, but I hope that you had a blessed Easter my friend. God bless.
    lol dude well that's awesome to hear! man i'd be really happy to see another pikachu main out there. i really have to thank v3ctorman, he's the one who made the entire combo video. i hope to see your pikachu in the future man =)
    Oh sorry, man. I've been busy all week >_<

    Yeah, sorry I don't think I'll be able to head up there for a while, unless you got a day off anytime from the 15th to the 19th. Sorry, dude. :/
    I seached up 'Sydney Church Of Christ' on the maps, but there were so many and I couldn't tell which one. I was going to E-mail Kevin who was the minister that you contacted, unfortunately I lost his address. Do you have his address, I mean if it's any trouble at all then don't worry. I'll just have to check that church that I found on the net that's specifically named 'Sydney Church Of Christ'. But the reason why I still need Kevin's address is because I'm not so sure if that's the acutal church.

    I understand what you mean about your church, I believe it goes to all denominations really. I'm pretty sure no denomination is completely universal though, well from how I see it at least. Anyway, cheers a whole heap for your opinion. I really need to do some more studying on the scriptures.
    Hey man, I want to have your opinion on this. Because when I mention Christmas or any other occasion to people of different denominations, they say that they do not celebrate it and that it is not mentioned in The Bible. Personally speaking, I think it does good to the modern times by people being generous at least for one day. So what do you think mate?
    I just need to say that.... YOUR AVVY IS AWESOME.
    Seriously, its genial, even though its obvious =P
    Probably did, she went to Boston this afternoon around 11 (I dropped her off). I want to say around 5:45-6 Wellington tomorrow.
    Yeah Tuesday is fine, I'll just go to my house and pick you up from wellington or something.
    Should be good for this Friday, Irish is aight to come. I don't know which stop though yet.
    I read a biography of Joseph Smith, it said that an Moroni the angel came to him in the night and showed him a vison of golden plates written by the angel or something. Anyway, the people I talked to said "was it wrong for Solomon and David, the prophets to have more than one wife? Joseph Smith was a prophet and God gave the same authority to him". I got really confused when they said this, I have a feeling if I show these passages that you referenced. They would shove in the 'if king Solomon and David, were allowed to have more wives Joseph Smith the prophet would too' sort of excuse. Your so sure in what you believe, I'm still trying to figure things out. Maybe you should do a little study of the Mormon religion and tell me what you think. If you don't have time, no pressure mate. I don't want to be consumin' your time.
    I was talking to mormons the other day, they were camping on a footpath (for obvious reasons) and I happened to walk past them. I got into a conversation with them, then I mentioned polygamy and questioned why Joseph Smith had more than 30 wives. Apparently it was a divine commandment, like the one Solomon and David got. Does that still excuse the Americans back then from marrying more than one wife? There has been a ton of these guys that I've seen around my area recently.
    VM me when you can

    I always think that love finds everyone in life, and many times people don't notice it.

    Your still young, and have so much time till your a full grown adult. I'm not saying your immature, or anything of the sort though.
    I don't have AIM at the moment but maybe some other time, well anyway I guess it is your choice to continue with this relationship. But remember if it doesn't work for who knows what ever reason then just remember it's a big sea out there.

    "love" is like a hurricane
    Don't need to VM me soon, or at all if you want to, but I want to know why you like this girl so much that you have been trying for a year now. Also did I sound sexist when I posted in your thread in the user blog. I didn't want to sound like that D:
    I hope his birthdays are better, because I hope he talks to his parents and solidifies his friendships. I was sort of put off when he just said "you don't know me," but I guess he did have a bad day and you can't fill a hole you've fallen into without getting out first.
    Yeah I think it's gonna be matt.zeb train stop too. So Quincy Station unless I send you a text or something.
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