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  • long time no speak ray kalm

    i used to go by the name of marik, this is my older account... i quit 4 yrs ago and now im back

    was watching your smash 4 ganon... looks even scarier than your brawl ganon, which crushed me. yohs samus too, lol

    hope youve been well, and ye.
    I remember. How is everything with you?
    Crooked Crow
    getting back into smash with no console/memory card sucks, lol. life is a bit hectic right now, explains why im back here
    I've been watching your Smash 4 matches on Youtube a lot recently and honestly they never fail to hype me up before I head into a tournament. Keep up the good work, dude.
    Can i get one more day for the community video?
    I have the clips i just need to upload them & i won't be home until really late today.
    It was a pleasure meeting you. Congrats on your performance at Canada Cup! Wish there were better opportunities for friendlies and more space in general, but not too bad for a side event :)
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    Yep, and the very same to you! Good job on your placing too.

    Hope to see you again in a Canadian tournament, hopefully we can have some friendlies then.
    Sorry man, i'm playing with someone now, do you want to play in about 30 minutes?
    I'm open now if you can, should i host?
    Thanks for the games man.
    Do you have any tips on some things i can improve?
    I feel like a kinda hit a ceiling & my game suffers from it lately.
    Do you happen to be around now?

    If so, my Nintendo Net ID is mhsdolgow
    Tomorrow I'll be available (tomorrow my time that is, which would probably be 10-14 hours from now).
    Hey man. I saw your Ganon guide for SSBB on the youtubes. It was really helpful and it gave me many more tools to play with. I had never even heard of canceling or buffering before. It was a really nice explanation. And I could apply a lot of it to ssb4. Would you be down for a few rounds sometime in the near future?
    Absolutely. I'm always available to play. Just let me know when you are.
    4940 5469 4090

    Do you have skype? It'd be convenient to IM on there while playing
    We can play in about an hour and a half from now, got a few things to do. And yes, I have Skype. Same username : Ray_Kalm
    Amusing matches, had to end it at that. Hopefully we can play with custom loadouts next time, didn't know if you had one or not. Dair and nair are pretty hard to use on the 3DS, barely saw you use dair at all, haha.
    'm off to bed, I was at the Tourney today and have to attend for the second half tomorrow, very tired, sorry about this. Just got home and saw you on.

    We'll play tomorrow at night, that fine?

    Camp me super hard :)
    I'm just kidding. I'm trying to figure out an aggressive playstyle with him. I only practice vs CPUs with it so far, so I have to get rid of the brain fog when something new happens.
    Oh, and good luck in the tournament!
    Yeah, sure thing!
    Ganon is odd that Close Combat is stuffed/trades so easily with Wizard's dropkick. It's not a great MU to practice it, since it beats out most other attack.

    Sorry I had to bail that one match, I had to deal with something annoying.
    Yeah, the gust recovery is probably the best, along with the gust neutral B. Those two give some nice tools to Ike.

    The slow counter is a big no, hàha

    And the Wizard Drop Kick does not spike, so it cannot be teched. It sure makes Ganon a lot more mobile, doesn't it?

    And no worries.
    lol. I was just trying it out. It may not be too bad on reaction. It's not good in the air since Ike hovers. I'll find a way to make it work I hope. I think you're the only person I've played customs with since not many of your average (for glory) players like using it.
    Hey, Kalm. Good to hear from you, man. Everything's going alright. As far as Ganon though, I'm the only active rep as it stands. DLA still uses him sometimes, but I don't recall seeing him use Ganon in recent months. Bloodynite's still staying true, but he's mostly inactive.
    Plus, I swore off of WiFi after I made play-offs. That was my only goal on WiFi, and once I got it, I refused to play it.
    Nope. Haven't had a setup of my own for just about a year as well. My only playtime's been at what few tournaments I've been able to attend.
    I've been inactive for the past year or so due to moving. I'm about to host my first tourney in March though. Only recent tournament I've been to was Apex 2012, where I took home a handful of names, but aside from that, inactivity.
    Nope. Every tournament, money match or pools match I've ever played has been with Ganon. And I take back what I said before: Bloodynite also goes all Ganon.
    I'm alright. I don't remember what you said, so it must not have been important enough to remember.
    Ye, you see my wii was broken for like 3 months so I bought a new wii a couple weeks ago.
    I haven't given my FC to a lot of ppl yet.

    And now I'm moving to a new apartment, so I won't have access to internet in a few weeks :/

    Were you thinking we'd be able to play with much less lag?
    Ok. I hope your help helps a lot, then.

    I don't play as much as I did before, but I do play when I want to kill some time.
    I wanna pick up a new character and see if I can get any good with him/her.
    Someone similar to Ganon. I was thinking maybe DK.
    I don't find any of the Top Tier fun to play as.
    I see.
    How are things back home in Pakistan, then?
    Are u gonna work/study there, or sumthing?

    I'm fine. thx.
    Sorry about your thread becoming closed.
    Just wanted to mention that it has been presented to the ROBs at some point that gyros are indeed catchable by bouncing them off the stage and it's a good way to add some extra recovery options (a person that comes to mind is a German player, Reaper who has presented tips and tricks on youtube, but unfortunately the video has become private now for some reason).

    Anywho, what I wanted to also mention is that I'm glad to see Ocean implementing these tricks and keeping them alive. They need to stay alive due to ROB needing his options. Not sure if you're a ROB main so I won't delve any further on why we need it lol.

    But thanks for showing and being considerate about it because you never know what might be useful to a character's metagame. I hope I can do the same for your character some day =]
    Replay hacks? First, remove all custom stages (including the ones the game came with). Extract the contents of this package. Put them onto an empty SD card. Then start up Brawl and go to Stage Builder. This will launch GeckoOS and selecting "Launch Game" will give you the replay hack (the game does not tell you if you can save a replay if it's longer than 3 minutes).

    Also I think there might be a default settings hack there (3 stock 8 minutes friendly fire on).
    I understand what your saying, but because of your recent inactivity I can't really do that. I actually consider you the 2nd best but if I did that the word "Bias" would come up again. I'm sorry but if you really want it changed you'll have to speak to the other ganons =/
    Noone likes taking the blame :p
    Srsly, though, you're right, I could've done better
    - I thought the 2on2-matches were only joyful friendlies.

    I'll play it out more solid if we team up again.
    And in return, I want you to go more Ganon.

    And throw/hit them my way once in a while.
    It doesn't hurt.
    I dealt a lot of damage without getting hit myself.
    (which is how you play this game)
    And it resulted in you using up my last life every match T_T
    (I SD'd a bunch of times, though >_> )
    ..Sure, it's OK to take your teamate's stock, but there are better/worse times to do it.

    Oh, and you should've used Ganon in every single match,
    instead of fooling around as Snake & Falco.
    Your MK worked.

    I seem to do better in heavy delay with ZSS than Ganon.
    Personaly, I think ZSS + Ganon went pretty well.
    I dealt damage - You scored the KOs.

    Our teamwork sucked, though.
    We could've supported each other much better.
    No point in uploading any of those matches.
    I look like a complete ******, failing to punish, recover, buffer, and even shield wizkicks (that I see comming) -> Stomp OoS.
    I have no consistency at all when there's a 30 frame delay.

    I'm used to a delay between 6 and 10 frames.
    After a Gerudo, I can usually 'react' to what ppl do.
    Grab them if they just rise up - shield if they GUA.

    Gotta hand it to you...
    You're really good at pre-inputting your inputs in that heavy delay.
    And to be able to read that well and predict... It's stunning.

    No point in uploading that ZSS-match either, since I played like a goof.

    I guess if I trained myself for heavy delay for a while, at least I wouldn't look like a ****** that can't Stomp OoS.

    You want credit in the Social, you say?
    Well... ditto me some more and maybe I'll write something nice.

    edit: I haven't really seen that much of your offline Dorf, Kalm.
    I'm sure he's good, but I don't know how good.
    You're without doubt the best WIFI dorf I've met.
    I do remember you said Ijosh was the best WIFI dorf, though.
    Dittos Vs you are wierd, Kalm.
    You play godly, but I can't seem to do anything right.
    Can't even punish you ^^
    Truth is both I and Tonsana are really bad in heavy delay,
    so it must've been luck, heh.
    .. I couldn't even Gerudo -> running Fair properly.
    Every Fair came out too late >_>

    We usually only play ppl that we have a really good connection with.
    "Green/Blue Lamp", you know.
    Mostly the competitive Brawl Group Swedes.

    Your Ganon is really good, Kalm.
    Keep it up, son.
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