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  • Damn.
    I obviously need to be more of a semi-troll.
    Or keep it real like you do.
    Ive been going in ALOT of socials lately..
    Maybe that'll help.
    Ah virgilus.
    And yeah, i dont wanna be That Guy going around getting infractions...
    But my collection needs to be bigger
    I'm glad it did.
    If you see the conversation in the You Laugh You Lose thread, you'll understand the reason for all of it.

    PS, whats your av from?
    Uhm actually in the videothread the tjay vids are mines he just posted them for me... Could please change it xD?
    we have a tournament match for killerjawz's tournament. Any time in particular that is good for you?
    My wii is not working at all. I am waiting for quite a long time for it to be repaired.

    In other words, send a message to everyone. Wii is dead as I have no time to send it in.

    I won't be able to play for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
    Sure were good games! I can see why you chose Norfair. The game's rythm change quite a bit there! Sorry about choosing Frig. I sometimes confuse those two. Not sure why.:ohwell:
    Whoa, sooo sorry about the no responce. I was learning how to make BRSTM's... You can pick the Starter. I CP PS1.
    I have your FC written on my Friend List. It looks like tomorrow I should be able to Brawl in the evening. Starter? CP? I ban Final Destination.
    I have absolutely no idea if it is. I just know I'll get £30 a week for going to college.
    All original designs, and from what we've tried to find on Ebay and Google and such - our designs SHOULD exist but DON'T... so they should sell well.... :3

    I doubt anyone would sue me anyways. :) I'm not worth the time, I'd probably get a cease and desist letter. :3
    He's working on other revenue-producing art. But I feel the shirts more important because it gives me something to work on while he produces more art. :x

    Aside from that, don't see how we'd get sued. We're only using original content for t-shirt designs, I'm getting them printed myself, and all drawings that are made by ones are owned by the creator. :o

    Chances of being sued are practically impossible... unless art laws have gotten so ****ed up you can't even imitate a piece of art anymore. Which according to what I researched, we could draw Iron Man and so long as it was our original work we could sell it... just can't stick it on a T-shirt. XD
    =P I hardly want to touch T-shirts, but me and my cousin have like a kagillion ideas.

    Pillows would be a "oh, 50 people said they'd order them. If I get them all to pre-order I'll buy the pillows. if not, money back" aka, wouldn't happen but I'm not going to say "It won't happen."... just in case it ever does.

    As for as help goes, the only main thing we'll need after we get some t-shirts and his art printed is advertisement and customers. :x Currently I have a few people who've already seen my cousins work and have mentioned they're interest. So I just hope they follow through on their word. :o

    My cousin needs to hurry up and get out t-shirt design over to me to CG.. :s it's 3 days late already.... although he has been working on a different drawing.. t-shirts more important because it's the thing that's going to be taking my time not just his.
    Again, totally depends on the cost of making the pillows and how many people would be interested and such.

    Shirts are pretty cheap, and I know a few places I can contact. I don't know anything for pillows.

    Also thanks for mentioning interest. ^^
    yeah i'll stick around ;D

    in the meantime, if there's anything you need done, don't hesitate to ask
    yeah, about time, huh?

    sorry it took so long... i've actually been pushing for a mod for brawl jiggs basically since kaylo left
    You may now hate me forever. Just promise me this...

    That blows. In California you harass them until they acknowledge the fact that they got your application. If you're lucky you get an interview, and if you're even luckier you get the job.
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