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  • wahahahhaah

    I love the Charmander pic. I'll get on aim in a bit - I'm going to finish getting some new albums and I gotta switch computers after that.


    btw I got 1st in teams too - beat Dojo and Dphat 3-2 Winner's Finals and 3-1 Grand Finals.
    not sure, it was pretty intense. I destroyed him on Brinstar.

    I'm assuming since VGBootcamp was there, it got recorded - I don't know though.
    Lol I'm always stoned when I play Smash XD I hope I can find trees in Texas or people who like to smoke trees. I will save up so we can get like an eighth to a quarter of chronic :D Baked Peach dittos ftw
    That's definitely next on my list of nationals I will be attending in 2011!! First stop, WHOBO 3!! <3 So pumped. Peach is going obliterate the competition lol
    Melee has been good. I started using Peach some time ago. Btw, lately I've been playing Brawl again with Peach, but I get confused when I use Peach at both games. :(
    i havent used aim in about 5 years
    that's probably why you dont have me :/
    lol i try.

    we have a couple flashy players in my state and everyone raves about them and praises them but at the end of the day they dont place well, it's our two lame IC mains that take all the money home when we travel to tournaments. i cant stand it when flashy players are called good simply because they have bothered to learn technical things that dont even necessarily help. it is a pet peeve of mine, heh.
    Careful when using get up attacks, Most are fairly bad, and you generally want to avoid them unless you're going to throw off the timing of your opponent.

    Just QAC away to safe spot when recovering. No need to get fancy when you have decent chance of dying.

    If he SL's above a platform, take that chance to place pressure on him since he can't attack from below the platform.

    Fix your DI. If you see your attack get shielded, then expect to get hit and get ready to DI

    Careful of skullbash usage. Don't use it immediately when recovering. Sometimes you can use it if he can't attack you, but wait for enemy's placement to consider using it.

    You roll when you get pressured hard (mainly backwards). Might want to check up on that.

    Don't let your shield get too low. Run away for a little if you have to.

    Skullbash placement got you killed. Don't be afriad to go to the ledge. Pika can recover much more flexibily than the rest of the cast vs MK.

    Hint for QAC: some placements might seem like you're trapped like the rest of the cast, but if you see the opening quick enough, you can use QAC to take either less damage or reset the match rather than airdodging into MK and getting read.

    I could tell there were key mistakes from both of you so I didn't rate too harsh on it. You do still have good key points though. Just tighten up some spots and you'll be much better.
    I do, but only for certain characters now. Really, when I stopped testing for new stuff on Yoshi, people just continued using the same boring things that worked against people that don't know matchups back in '08. Some are actually trying to become more technical, but not enough are actually trying to explore stuff anymore.

    If I was playing with my scene more, I'd at least keep up with the characters I enjoy now (Yoshi, Pika, Bowser, PT, and sometimes Falco).
    Yeah, I'ma keep trying and hope I get lucky to have one. Lol at the interview. He should give you an instant job for being that late.

    Oh my account. Yeah, for some reason (can't remember exactly) I had turned it invisible, so people couldn't see the channel. I just turned it back on, but really there's nothing new on it sadly. I need to find something to put up there.
    Haha, that sucks. Just link it here whenever you get them up.

    I've been okay. Got a lot of stuff going on still (trying to get over it now), and since college is starting my time gets cut again since I have to finish my project of else I fail the class (which means staying one year again). Other than that, I've still been looking for a job, and horribly unlucky too. :(

    What about my youtube account? I just haven't uploaded anything recently cause I haven't touched brawl seriously (or casually really) since my last tourney in October. I haven't really thought of uploading anything to my youtube since I don't do stuff that's worth putting up imo.

    Also, The guy below me is such a ***** lol.
    Yeah the founder is Master Peach, but who cares - he's inactive and we're actually having some really good disucssion back there at the moment. Lemme tell Kyon to invite you.

    And really? White's ACTUALLY good? Dude, I may go buy it. I just got money from birthday, christmas, money matches, winning mid tier, lol I need something to blow it on.

    I hope I don't hype it like Donkey Kong Country Returns, cause that game sucked.
    ah, cool.

    Pokemon White huh? I stopped playing after Ruby/Sapphire because it was getting sorta ridiculous in my opinion but is white any good? I may try it out if you recommend it.

    Nothing has really been going on around the Peach boards, not even drama (if you can believe it). But we have been trying to revive the PBR and I finally got invited! All my wildest dreams came true! haha

    Are you in it?
    you're back!

    but im not even at my house at the moment haha, I can't get on aim. I was just checking the houston thread for a tournament tomorrow.

    anyways whats up?
    They do not sadly (dunno about the charmander one). Try looking through deviant art. I found mines there.
    That's more like it.

    By the way, how does one go about becoming a mod? Is it similar to the BBR process at all? Or would you even know for that matter? xD
    Yeah, it has become something of a trend. Drama happens (or, rather, from the only real source since 2008), Air locks, everyone else is pretty much SOL for a month.

    I highly disagree with his enforcement method and I've expressed it to him before. If I need to have a word about it with someone I know who is of a higher authority (like Hylian), then I will.
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