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  • I got mine for 496 because my mom forced me to get two nonstop tickets, but you can probably find tickets just under 400 at kayak.com

    You can also find housing for cheap in Tournament Discussion. I don't think there's any space where I'm at, but the guys there are doing housing for melee players in the same building I think
    I just watched some vids of you back from 09. Still impressive.

    Lmao and don't freak out about my last interview question. I ask everyone that. xD
    Your Brawl Peach is amazing. Have you quit Brawl? I just haven't seen any recent vids of you.

    I was reading that MK's were hitting him out of it using fair, and so I remembered we can do similar. Thank you very much! I'll let you know if I come up with anything conclusive.

    Hi! I remember a long time ago you mentioned how to punish Dedede after he inhaled you as Peach. Do you remember how to do that and can you tell me?
    Tipooo me fue mas o menos bien en el torneo, pude haber ganado pero bloodcross me elimino las dos veces, aunque le ownie al falco me gano con MK, aunque casi le gano en los dos sets la mayoria de las veces yo tenia ventaja de % y stock me gano :/ En teams ganamos 3-1 vs fatal y bizkit en WF y en GF nos ganan los dos sets :'(
    Do you still play Brawl? Are you going to Apex or any of the MLGs? If not, can you give me more advice on this game? Like how can I get better @ this game? Or how to play smart w/ Peach?
    Mira, el torneo no se va a poder dar. Demasiadas complicaciones y ya Twink dijo que no va a reservar el local y norman (el dominio) esta de acuerdo. Todavia no puedo creer todo lo que paso pa que no se diera. Fue tan fail :/.
    :O vistes el thread xD no me he conectado a msn pq todavia no tengo computadora propia aca y la q hay la puedo usar como despues de las 8 :/ pero cuando pueda me conecto y hablamos, espero ganar en todos los eventos :p
    sup man. can you give me some more advice on how 2 play Peach? How do you use turnips, and how do you move so fluidly/precisely like you know what to do next?
    Great job @ Pound! It sucked that you got pool ***** & gaayed out of brackets. How was the experience? How did you do in Melee? Did you win any MMs in Brawl?
    Hey excel, does D throw turnip combo into Bair, Nair, or Uair at low %'s? Does Fair-> forward glide toss stitchface work?
    whats up Excel,

    how did you do @ the tournament you were talking about in the uair string thread? how many entrants were there?
    ....Or maybe I'll get back to you now!

    First off yes, you are correct: it works.... and very well at that! Here's some cursory info: (all on MK)

    - You'll get a point-blank hit if you throw the turnip right after you jump
    - You'll get a normal hit if you wait 5 frames before you throw it
    - guaranteed (combo) range= +16 adv - percent before the attack sends MK into a tumble

    Point blank throw max adv: +24

    Fresh point blank throw guaranteed range:

    Point blank throw diminished x 1 guaranteed range:

    Normal throw max adv: +25

    Fresh normal throw guaranteed range:
    Sure thing! I'd personally be very surprised if it didn't work. I think the real question here is at what % range this is guaranteed.... I'll get back to you later today, good idea! xP
    :O En serio?? nos podemos reunir un dia en casa de dfat1 para jugar y testiar cosas! y de vez montar el combo vid, ya hable con el y dijo q no hay prob :p el vive bien cerca de gamingzone. BTW quiero buscar MMs para pound singles y teams pq el hype me esta matando xD
    Sure thing! It's super useful to be able to see the game frame-by-frame :D. Just so you know the code is slightly buggy. Sometimes it'll begin making you perform z-button actions when you're trying to advance to the next frame. To fix this just exit out and go back to the stage. This seems to happen after a period of time on most stages, while on others (like BF) it happens the moment you start and reverts back later. Not sure why this occurs, but eh, it's only a minor annoyance.
    Sure! For frame advantages and frame data regarding specific in-game situations I use a code called "debug pause". For basic character frame data I use a combination of that and psa.

    I'm not sure how much you've looked into the whole hacking side of Brawl.... do you have homebrew on your wii? You need that to use the debug pause code (which is found in this post: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=246380). If you have any other questions or whatever I'd be glad to help out :bee:
    Hello Excel

    I was watching your new videos & I noticed that you didn't DI DDD's down-throws & ended up getting punished by f-tilt >_< everytime. If you DI his throw down & away from the stage when DDD is at his last throw by the ledge, I'm pretty sure you will grab the ledge. It may be down & toward the stage, not sure at this time, but I know it works so try it!
    Mabey he didn't see it coming but I did :x
    Guess you gotta play peach to know it's coming ;o

    The only thing I don't like about Fair for killing (since it can be used and spaced so differently that prediction isn't always the issue) is that at higher %'s, turnip doesnt really combo into it that well.

    Also (just because your uair pressure causes so many airdodges) you can peach bomber people trying to land down on the ground with an airdodge depending on their fallspeed :)
    I like your vids excel, ur so techy and fun to watch but from what I saw, the problem with KOing wasn't that Fair wasn't fresh, it was that it was easy to see when you wanted the kill (and Fair being her only good kill move, it was easy to avoid).

    But I love your Dair pressure use, if you come back to WC you must share :)
    Can you check out the wasping thread on the peach board? I want to know what you think of it and how it can be applied
    Cuz no one on the EC has peach experience. Peachkid is stuck in New England and Dark doesn't follow up his Dair.
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