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  • last call for replays for the dk communtiy combo video, i dont have any good clips of you :(
    Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que Que

    yeah i read your name and your sig has it in it :p i hate katakana but i can still read a bit
    oh yeah! :p that was another thing, communication. I mainly will just need all drivers numbers since they are the most important and they should know how to contact their friends XD haha.. My number is 469-531-4560 you can txt but preferably call if you need to know something since i got limited txting =[.
    yeah i guess we can take you guys, I'll just cap it after that and if Neon can't make it then we will have 9 anyway so cool :p just make sure you let your friends know about having their money and what not.. Also the dude that reserved room said something about them charging him parking fees so if it comes down to them charging for parking (which i really doubt it) you could just park somewhere nearby and walk to hotel :p dunno a lot of this stuff will be made up as we go along XD.. But I am waiting to hear back from Neon since I just read his DK thread saying that he was unconfirmed so yeah :p
    you can fit 4 in that car? XD haha we might be able to get you because the only other person we were adding onto our group was Neon which if you brought 4 that would put our total to 10 which is the max amount of people i will take for the room since i mean more might have some problems sleeping XD haha
    alright we got you and your friend.. PM me or something so i can talk to you real fast about transportation because i need to make sure everyone is good for it. If I didn't tell you already the room is NOT at the venue. PM me when you can =]
    I will confirm with you on it tomorrow or sunday because guy who reserved room is kinda skeptic about being caught with more than 4/5 people in the room even though its pretty easy to get away with so if he won't budge about having more people then I am sorry we can't get you. But if I convince him which i think I can then we will take you 2 =] but cost will be about $15 a night.
    aight cool =] thanks its just i need this room to fill so the cost isn't a lot XD
    Not very good sheeee. What the hell happened to your username? It looks like someone rode a steamroller over that thing.
    Haha just a random person and had to comment on the awesome Teddiursa ava.

    Teddiursa is like the best pokemon ever.
    do you actually use both of them??? lol...

    you'll get to earn back your RED DEAD REDEMPTION, also added on facebook

    PS: whats your ps3 name again?
    LOOOOOOOOL added dude you got into brawl? thats hilarious. We'll have to play sometime soon :)
    hey penis guy im trying to remember your face from the laredo tourney, do you have a facebook? :)
    So you've played Dinah? :> I promised to play Illmatic at Whobo after some Wifi friendlies.
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