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  • Yay!

    Okay, awesome. I just didn't want you to be all, "Who the **** is PeachGuard?"

    Alright then, thanks very much! I'll probably be getting your number soon, so it'll make all this easier.

    Oh, so we can fit them then!?

    No, it's a good thing, because we'll have 2 cars then. OMG YUSS~


    And that's awesome, because I know Neon! :3


    All of a sudden, my friend wants room for 4 people. I doubt that you have the space for that, but if you do, let me know.

    hey slaps, thisis neon from phase-x. I heard you're renting a room and if you could hold a spot for me that would be great.
    I think I'll just have to say yes. Right now, none of my other friends are really responding, so yeah. I'll probably be taking some space up in your room, but hopefully you have room for 1 or 2 more.

    Gah! I'll try to find out for sure before tonight ends. Thanks for reminding me. I just came back from donating plasma.

    Dude, would you please reconsider low tier teams for the phase? Lolololol I want it so bad!
    XD **** my bad. Naw I don't think snake and olimar are good teamates, that's just razer being bad ***. lol
    I will most likely be coming down to Phase 13 if there is one, since it's 2 months away.
    Also heard you got 13th with Ike only with my lurking, Stop losing to GWs :(.
    I lost to the scrubby MK, lol. 3-1. I beat him on PS1 once but it just got so boring and I was so tired I started sand-bagging without even noticing. I threw out Fsmashes just about every time he was off-stage. A lot of them actually connected too, that was the sad part.

    You called it right though, he used tornado every third move. The rest were all upBs and Dsmashes. I don't think he used Dair, Uair or Nair once in all our matches.
    My aim's JohnnBJoseph, hit me up sometime.

    Well, even if you don't end up getting a key, I think it shouldn't be too much longer. The game feels pretty nicely balanced and they're already past version 0.9, so there shouldn't be too much longer until we get a release...
    WTF, Lol. Terran ***** **** in the right hands, they hold more top league trophies than either of the other races.

    They were definitely hard for your average battle.net player to play, though, I'll admit :) Get over to ICCup and all of a sudden Terrans will start ****** your **** though...

    Once you get up to a higher level, it really is almost perfectly balanced, it's just hard to see it at various skill levels because, like, once players get their macro down really well suddenly Zerg is the best race FOR THEM, but then later as they refine their macro and get fast enough to add simple battle micro, then suddenly Protoss is the best race at that level. Once you pass a certain learning curve they all even out, though.

    ****, I ended up ranting, lol. I'm pretty drunk right now though, lol.

    I prolly shouldn't be saying **** like that to minors...
    Nah, I was 'Toss for SC1, I'm going with Zerg for SC2 just for Queens and Nydus Worms. It's pretty awesome, but I think I still prefer Brood War honestly. I kinda see it playing out like Melee/Brawl did, honestly.
    Hell yeah I got beta! Are you coming to the UNT tourney next month? I'll bring it there, and if I actually make it out to a Phase I'll bring it.
    Yo slaps, i've been hearing good things about your Ike bro. Keep it up :)
    This upcoming hobo next month is when I'll be going...let me know if you want to do any rooming arrangements because I have taken the days off to go.
    Yes a very bad personal family problem has came up and in order for me to go, I have to work the days of WHOBO just to have the other days off so I can get out of town to remedy the problem. We'll have to hang another time slaps :(
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