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  • 2 questions:

    1) Will you be at movie night on your bday?

    2) If so, what movie do you want me to stream?
    Honestly, I don't know. You can just go ahead and make a poll. I don't want to say yes and then not make it because I can't make plans. Haha
    Dear citizens of the Disco Room;

    I would like to formally address these allegations made against me. While superficially convincing, Glyph's arguments are nothing more than poorly used rhetoric in a week attempt to besmirch my reputation.

    This idea of invisible mode being "very gay" is nothing more than my opponent blowing smoke in an attempt to paint me in a bad light. It, in no way, can be considered relevant in the discussion of my sexuality. In fact, this unjustifiable expression of hatred falls under Section 2 of the Smash World Forum Global Rules revision 7.1. I hope, that in due time, Glyph will receive the punishment he deserves for his actions. However, that is not the issue at hand and I return to the focus of my speech.

    It seems clear to me that my accuser is unfamiliar with sign language. The sign being made by Master Hand, for those who are unaware is not that of an R, but that of Sagittarius, the constellation. The accuser again is spreading false information about me, for I am a Pisces.

    If you turn the Grimer 90 degrees, you get a fallen Grimer, not an E. My accuser is quick to assume that if you turn a Grimer 90 degrees he will remain in this position but this assumption is unfounded and baseless. For this I ask that the citizens ignore this argument entirely.

    I take no issue with the fact that the phonetic sounds of T are similar to P. However again my opponent makes another assumption and takes that P is symbolic for pool, when this is clearly not the answer. P is symbolic for the liquid urine, as the phonetic spelling of the letter P is a synonym for urine. My opponent is very clearly showing a lack of knowledge and ability to reason.

    The feather in no way resembles an E, it resembles a feather, the symbol it is supposed to be. I think it is high time my accuser obtains a pair of glasses.

    A mushroom, while it is an important item in the Mario series, serves an even greater function to society. it serves it's greatest function in the realm of culinary arts, and if anything, the mushroom should be represented with a C, not an N. I would even be willing to accept M, for Mario, as it cannot be contested that the mushroom is an important item in the Mario series.

    I will agree that I got a D in Bio, no issue with this letter here.

    I do not contest that the only vowel in the word "Melee" is E. I however do not see the relevance of the vowel to represent the Melee Backroom in anyway. In fact the symbol in use at this point is an M, which stands for Melee.

    I do not contest that Red is a color. However it is not the color of the heart, thus the color red is irrelevant to anything.

    Glyph. I understand your animosity and perhaps your jealousy of the large amounts of kawaii and moe my life has. However, if you have personal issues to take up with me, please let us discuss them through private measures. There is no need for a smear campaign that is not only insulting, but baseless and at best, stupid.

    SporT my KankeR
    As is my style, I would never make such a bold claim as this without concrete, indisputable evidence of the highest caliber. Our first clue came when an anonymous tip came into our DtJ Moblie Playset Headquarters. We were told to:

    "Take a close look at Junglefever's postbits... they hide a sinister secret!

    Wasting no time, our top scientists went to work analyzing potential hidden messages.

    It seems innocent enough, at first glance at least. Just an average SWF profile with average postbits and a really bad profile picture. We had to narrow our scope.


    There we go! No more of that distracting cat to get in the way of our scientific process. Within seconds of viewing this image, a frightening trend emerged...

    The first postbit is the smash logo. HOWEVER! It is important to note that Jungle is using invisible mode. Everyone knows invisible mode is 'pretty gay'. And what's the first letter of 'pretty gay'?
    The second postbit is master hand, famed final boss of the super smash brothers series. But how do hands communicate? They use SIGN LANGUAGE. And what is the letter seen in that image? Why, none other than
    Simply turn the grimer postbit 90 degrees clockwise to see the clearly visible The brawl backroom postbit gave us a lot of trouble, which is when it hit us. If its giving us trouble, and that starts with T and that rhymes with P and THAT stands for pool, then the letter is clearly just (since none of us can swim)
    Close examination of the feather in the writer postbit clearly shows that it is ACTUALLY in fact a lower case
    The premium postbit was an easy one. The mushroom is a well known item in the Mario series, which is owned by Nintendo, also known as the Big
    Dis a toughie, because D and "Smash Lab" don't have anything in common. HOWEVER! Smash "Lab"... labs are used in Science! And guess what grade JUNGLEFEVER got in Science...??
    The melee backroom postbit was another easy one. There's only one vowel in the whole damn word, and that is
    [*]The last postbit of the bunch was another easy one. Largely one of the most basic postbits, its made up of one singular color. And what is another color you ask? RED. is for red.
    Ladies and gentlemen of the Disco Room, it has never been my pleasure to bring up topics I know will only serve to spark controversy and outrage among the masses. I've always prided myself on tact, and the good name of 'DtJ'.

    But recently it has come to my attention...

    that there is an IMPOSTER among our ranks!!!

    I'm leaving an above average break in the text there to give you some time to clean up the drink you just did a spit take with/have a loved one call 911 for the head injury you sustained while fainting (wow way to faint btw. What are you some kind of girl and or gay?!)

    So with no further delay...



    'DtJ' Junglefever
    rei, txt me plz, tryin to figure out plans for summer and visiting TX. I would be staying with tofer i think, so we wana get you and leaf to SA
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