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  • Well, I could drive us without making you pay. And come over anytime tomorrow. I won't have any practice otherwise. A carpool of 5 Kansas players will be arriving maybe around midnight (I think), too.
    So, no practice before Phase without a Wiimote (someone took mine home for the summer). Mayybe if you have a Wiimote to take here, we can play like the day before Phase. Otherwise, I'm going in cold.

    BTW, you said you're still in Denton this summer? If so, you wanna carpool?
    Lmao yeah, I guess but whatever i know people that drink XD lol. You got AIM? or MSN? we can talk about it over chat sometime..
    XD lol. But i feel like it is more balanced than Broodwar was, Broodwar was pretty much ZvP 24/7 no Terran because Terran sucked XD. But I don't see it being that bad.
    Aight man cool! Yeah i got into Starcraft this year and joined a mod team for when the editor comes out so im psyched for it, I opted in but still waiting for it =\ I have played a few games on it but still not very good. Terran is my game for SC2, i was Zerg in original but yeah i wanted to go Terran for this. Who do you play as? I am guessing Protoss but I could be wrong XD lol.
    It's a myth that she has bad match ups.
    IMO and some of the more advance Sheiks.. her only bad match ups are Pika and IC's. That is just cuz they have a freakin CG on us.

    We also believe we counter MK.
    Here I made this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruOdTdBCTno
    (Ignore the rating... I dunno why they rated it so low...)

    Everyone else is still learning DACUS though. lol
    Last time I checked there are combo that deal 60%, chain camping, reverse locking, able to KO someone at about 90%, multiple KO set ups (about 8 DACUS tricks lol), decay jazz, footstool stuff and better use's of glides.
    I LOL when people say she is all f-tilt. I mean, f-tilt is a godd move, but only good after you hit with Bair of Fair. It is to easy to grab her when you just use f-tilt.
    BTW... Bair is disjointed, most people don't know that. lol
    Hey, I haven't seen you for a loooooooooong time.
    How have you been.

    I see we both went from being Falco mains to being Sheik mains.
    Why are there people going from Falco to Sheik? I now know of like 5 people that have done this.....
    Lol I guess so.
    SC2 might be the first PC game I buy in a decade. I'm not sure how much I'll play it though, I've never been that great at RTS except for Total War games.
    Maybe we'll get infinite CGs too as well as tripping. XD
    GG and Starcraft huh? Must be good having games where people aren't arguing about the balance of every game mechanic lol.
    Falco still has a really high position funnily enough, I actually don't get why myself.

    Getting back into Melee, don't see why not. Get some rust off and you should be good to go. Now aint no reason not to play Melee Falco. He really is the **** there. XD
    The Falco Boarders are dropping like flies.
    It all started with you. xD

    Only original people left are Denzi, J4pu, and me.
    You should post in our Social Thread.
    I don't like streetfighter...

    Starcraft is fun though :p

    and lmao.... I'm going to a tourney tomorrow after not playing for 3 months <3 wish me luck
    :) lol

    Also comment and add to the 'throwing guide'

    IF you have anything to say about it, post it.

    I'll be doing the write ups for fthrow/bthrow (which serve relatively the same purpose...) tomorrow
    hey. I'm not going to go to the thing tomorrow after all.

    I got some stupid school/book/bank **** to do tomorrow, plus I am going to sleep in. Yup.

    Get back to me when you want to maybe brawl it up on sunday. I just hope I don't get tripstocked again. Ugh, that was painful!

    More practice will help me get better though.

    Enjoy the tournament.
    I left a voicemail for you.

    Man, I was unprepared for this boredom!
    Please, I need to Brawl or I might die!
    *reads below*

    New addition to the Dentonites?? awesome!

    He can watch me beat you in that MM tommorow. xD
    Hey man, I am coming up on thursday as well.
    I have orientation on friday, but we could meet and play on thursday night.
    i will get my dorm room number to you asap.
    Well at least you'll be enjoying what you do lol!
    I like physics and all but its really hard.
    Yea this is my second semester in college. My major is Physics, though I'm studying to become an electrical engineer.
    I don't think I'll be making it to that one, Hylian will be out of town and I don't feel like driving for 4 hours myself. HOWEVER, if I find other people from Austin are heading down there I may hitch a ride (there probably will be some). Then we can definitely play. DMG won't be there so I'll be short a teams partner... he's been letting me down a lot in teams lately, makes me sad cuz I love that **** XD

    Oh, and that TV didn't lag at all, I didn't notice any difference whatsoever. I think people just enjoy having a john.
    Woo thanks. I was gonna play a match with Snake and only use nades and Ftilt but we had no time haha.
    I dunno the matchup odds, but I was just mad that I died at 100% >.> Kirby can combo DK pretty easy though, Dthrow to Hammer is hella gay lol.

    Ask him when those vids are gonna be done uploading lol.
    Yea when I faced him in the tourney he picked ICs and I picked ROB because I didn't wanna get chaingrabbed. Then he used Kirby against my DK, that was kinda gay.

    But his IC's are ok. He knows what he is doing, I'm just glad be didn't 0-death my DK.
    Nah he beat me 4/5 times lol. Only time I beat him was when I took his IC's to Norfair.

    I don't have a Wii and my friend doesn't have Wifi anymore =/ but I'll see what I can do.
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