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  • hmm...I thought I was sure that there wasn't any signs of brawl/melee around southern SC.
    hey whats your number so that way i can just call ya or send ya a text.
    brawl shindig at my house today.

    let me know if you are interested in coming...

    address: 797 s old orchard ln. lewisville Tx, 75067
    My Cell: (541) 390-7781

    ps it starts at 4 o'clock

    one rule as of now when you come find an uncovered parking spot, Do NOT!! park in covered parking or your car will get towed.
    Mr9 won't be able to do anything this weekend, but the rest of us might get something together. I'm not too sure yet. I'll let you know in advance if we plan anything.
    Yo, I'm the Sonic that Mr9 and my gang were talking about. We should definitely meet up and play some matches some time. We usually get together 1-3 times a week.
    Casual Black Knight

    Either TTGL (you choose)

    Isaac. Maybe Monte Callado. Maybe Ichigo. Just NOT Naruto. Or I'll hurt you.

    I should put new textures on, since I have my SD card and all.

    By the way, remember to bring that controller you stole from me back to Denton.
    Wow, TJ in heaven? Get wrecked, Georgia?

    Me? I'm getting excited for SWAT. I am by no means expecting a good placing. But I'm looking forward to being there. I'll be watching Santi's TL in hopes that I might improve my secondary character.

    By the way, last night and today, I've found that Snake really is fun to play. I think it's just natural for Ike players to like playing Snake as well. It's no wonder why every Ike seconds him. I'll pick him up and get better with him, maybe. Just for the lulz.

    I guess I'm keeping Path of Radiance for the summer, heh.
    You know I got 7th last month, right? Believe me, if you had been to as many PBTs as I went to this semester, you'd have been placing just as high every time. They got easier as some of the heavy hitters kept going out of town.

    Funny stuff. KirbyKid played against only Ikes today. He put Slaps into losers first round. Second round he got knocked into losers by Bored. Third round he got knocked out by me. Apparently, he didn't know I had gotten better, because he took me to Pirate Ship, trying to taunt me or something. It may have worked against Slaps. Not me.

    Oh and a new guy went CF and counter-picked me to Pirate Ship during first round.
    (I won) (Two water spikes)
    You're a lucky jerk, living where top 8 is guaranteed for you. Ninth place loses its luster after a few times here. (Got 9th at PBT again today.)

    I want to be BETTER.
    ran-DOM. Not to mention mean. D': YOU'S A LOSAH TOO!
    Hmph. Wait till you get back and get Koopa Klaw'd to the face... :bowser2:
    And technically I have about 5 posts now. =D They just don't count where I posted them. ^-^' Meh.
    I was looking for you after I played infinity I swear

    I accidently asked Dave because I thought it was you.
    Let this serve as a written reminder to stop leaving crap in my room. =P
    You've gone crazy doing that lately.
    yeah i did...3rd tourney and i got into bracket yay XD.. im real tight what phoenix alpha(the mother ****in lucas) if you know who that is so that might be why
    uhhh i guess..maybe not recks yet but doin allright..ive actually been mixed up more with santi then you..have i met you before?
    oh aight bro i dont think i can on friday cuz i come down to frisco but ill hit u up next week man thanks!! are u going to PBT tomorrow?
    hey man its chuky we played at the PTB touney i go to UNT, do u play with anyone while ur in campus hit me up i need more practicee !! lol
    Well, techniquely, Mr. 0.41, my post per day average is higher than yours. :)P(*cough*disregardingthatyou'vebeenherelonger*cough*) ^-^
    i asked do you know a place called omniverse?
    they had somebody named khaoz on their top 8 as #1 didnt kno if it was you.
    *epic voice: FATALITY.* :3 lulz. i winz.
    Ah. Yyyup. Khaoz, mah boi! *pats back* (lol I'm gonna make a picture that says that.)
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