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  • Dakpo! I want to learn to Zero Suit! I am dropping ROB for the power of the boobies. Any help or advice that you can give?
    Well, you are the face of smash in Amarillo and the 806 for that matter. Plus it'd be good to get sponsored perhaps and host regionals that way.
    nah, im not ;(

    whenever your available if you could send them to me over Wii Connect that would be fine.

    Gimme yo Wii Code and Brawl Friend Code
    Hey Dakpo! I was wondering since your computer doesn't have an SD reader if we could exchange replays via Wii Connect on Brawl?

    I really wanted to watch what I did right / wrong versus RedHalberd.

    If you can do this - please notify me. It's fairly simple.
    oh alright.. I didn't realize your computer didn't have a SD reader - I wish you would have told me that earlier.

    Sorry.. for bothering you - it's just that I am compiling a combo video and RedHalberd needs to be on it :)
    can you stop ignoring me? :(

    I really just want any matches that were recorded on my wii from WHOBO 3 taken off of your SD card and sent to me. It's not that hard and should only take fifteen minutes of your time at the most.

    It's really easy.

    You can use the bin files from your SD card. (E:\private\wii\app\RSBE\rp)
    If you have a lot, throw them in a folder and zip them up by right clicking > send to Compressed(zipped) folder. For Mac users, right click>"Create Archive of X". When you have done this, upload the zipped folder on http://www.mediafire.com
    hey i know you can't upload - but could at least send my sets vs redhalberd and Will to me just like as the SD file?
    hey do you think any matches against RedHalberd or Will's DK could be uploaded to youtube? We both want to see what we did.


    i know that you said your video recording equipment wasn't allowing you to upload my replays from WHOBO against Halberd and Will, but do you think you could send the replays to me or one of my friends so they could upload it for me?

    it might take some of your time, so it's totally your choice.
    Ahh, naw it's cool then.

    I think I have a friend that's gonna get a room. I'll see you there though!

    Dakota!!! you should post those videos ASAP!! Im so excited to post them for critique!!!

    Yessir, we are housing-less. Dude you should start promoting this, post in the El paso thread and new mexico and ish. Tell them Fogo requested them, and you should consider putting the attending pro names in the title (Me, you, Denti, etc..)
    Hey, I need Date/address for that tournament. I can't find it in the thread
    Yo can message me too for dallas thread stuff, since I own it and all lol
    :( Yeah man. I'm as Mexican an American can get.

    I'll still be workin' on my ****. I need all the MU experience I can get. What other Peach besides Illmatic have you played?
    I live in Laredo. :/

    The trip to Dallas or wherever you live takes 13 hours of all day bus rides lol.

    I might make my tri[ back over again anyway.
    Yeah, bro. I never shut up!

    What's with you man? I'm hoping I can go to a tourney near you all soon. I wanna get faceraped by your ZSS again. I need to learn that MU really bad.
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