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  • Thanks for the compliments, and what crazy **** will we bring with us! I'm teaming with a friend of mine from Puerto Rico (LuigiMAX, an MK mainer), we'll see if we can get that there top 5 spot in teams... As for singles, I'm seriously gonna aim for top 10, or at least take down big names on my way to wherever I end up. One thing's for sure, I will NOT get left behind in pools!
    I'll try my best to meet your expectations. :D

    And... Are YOU going to Pound4? :o
    Its the Disney College program. Website if you want more info about it:
    Its a broad internships, and I'll be doing a bunch of stuff with their attractions department. Also, I plan to go for one of their major specific,"professional" internships after this. They are a lot harder to get into, and having this lower-level internship REALLY helps. Plus, it looks really good on resumes in general. I'll be going down January 9th, and starting a shortly after.
    I suppose I could do that, but I don't like my counselor though. She's mean to me for no reason, she told me to get out upon getting in the guidance office one time. I don't even know what I did :(

    Anyway, I got the honor roll :D
    Unfortunately, I can't change names. :ohwell:
    Buying premium membership is the only other way to get a name change.
    None yet because I don't know where to go! xD I have some colleges in mind though, I'm just trying to find one that has something to do with video game development...but to no avail I'm lost as to which one to choose from.

    Speaking of our birthday, we have like 3 months and 10 days until then if I'm right. :D
    I'm fine but I've been better, many things have been going on in my life I'm getting a bit overwhelmed.

    Aside from life 3 stocking me, how have you been?
    I don't have any recorded Peach vids after Genesis. And to be honest, I haven't practiced with her at all since back then.
    Hey. I've been playing lots of melee recently. I entered a Brawl tournament like 2 weeks ago and got 2nd place with MK lol. And yeah, I'm going to Pound 4. :)
    Thanks. :)

    I might add a MikeHAZE vid to it sometime, but I haven't found one that I'm totally satisfied with yet. The one against Dojo was pretty close, though.
    IN Greensboro its kinda small. Only a few guys here.

    In NC pretty big good size tournaments for brawl Usually 30+.

    Melee like 20+
    Its not bad of a city depends how old you are there arent many hotspots but plenty of places to chill.I play brawl and melee mostly melee I dont mind playing Brawl tho.
    Not too well. It's an Aussie tournament called Rocky. for us Aussies lol., yeah we have nationals =P

    and by not to well i mean im not playing too good lately

    might end up using link, links cool =P
    LOL next summer hey? dunno if I'll still be playing this game by then :p

    nah jus a SWF one
    I'm extremely bored, want to play some wi-fi? I use them entirely to make the oppoent mess up. wether the arrow hits them and gives me a free hit or they sheild it and give me time to spam them while getting closer both put me into a good position to wreck havok, and I'm not too good lawl, you'll find out if you say yes :p
    Hahaha pit cannot win a national, his physical game can only get him so far, his spam game is great but if you can approach while spamming that puts the control into your hands, you jsut gotta learn how to control both pit and the arrow's while approaching becasue as you know where the joy stick moves so do the arrows, try SH'ing and firing off an arrow then fast falling it, this will tilt the arrow down and cut off the opponent, while also having you land fast and putting you in a position of power, like if they roll away (it'd be stupid, what they should do is Down dodge, and if they do down dowdge fire another arrow and camp a bit then try again) then you can do a dash attack to Usmash at lower percents or a dash attack to arrow, or aerials.

    reading the opponent comes with practice, you start to think of what you'd do, suprisingly enough they tend to do a lot of the same things.
    There hasn't been many tournaments lately in Puerto Rico... but the last one I went (singles) I won 1st place. And we are going to team with Ling from now on, but there hasn't been any teams tournament yet since Genesis. =\
    Yep, I'm going. I'm teaming with Ling (DDD) again, since we did so good @ Genesis being the first time we played together on a teams tournament.

    Also, don't worry about the insight on the competition, since I learned a lot at Genesis. I suppose I could need it later though, since maybe there will be some changes from here to January. Thanks for the offer anyways.
    everything my opponent is doing, how i can punish it, and how i can play as safe as possible so the things i do dont become predictable and punishable.
    sorry it took so long for me to get back. i watched your videos and you definitely got better since i played. the only thing i can suggest now is using turnips to control space. You often took to the air using both your jump and float. if they go directly below you, your only option left is to air dodge and most pros would just bait that. If you have a turnip in hand, you can create a diversion. Also, more BAITS! it's much better when your opponent comes to you.

    other than that, very good stuff. =]
    Uhm I dont remember what my last placing was and due to money shortage I probly wont be at a tourny for another month or so
    I'll join in like 10 minutes, i need to set a couple of things up ;D

    YupYup! Miami where all the beaches and nite life is ! I reside in Orlando though :#
    Yea man, i'm in IB, advance classes, so its pretty stressing . Your parents are COMPLETE WIN!
    Thats cool! I have been doing A LOT of homework for school. School starts on the 24th, and I have to complete so many assignments D; Cedar Point? cool! I went to Miami recently. I<3thecity, but I prefer the suberbs. Today i watched his combo video again, and I cannot fathom the intensity
    Weird, why do most of the people I meet like asians so much? I don't have a problem with it but its like so numerous that its kinda like a fad or something now XD
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