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Sensei Seibrik
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  • Hey Seibrik. I noticed some time ago on the information sheet for Tier Breakers that it was your birthday last sunday. I forgot to tell ya earlier so happy birthday! :) (although I am a bit late)
    Sensei Seibrik
    Sensei Seibrik
    thanks alot! very considerate of you to wish me a happy bday no matter when you do it. so thanks!
    hmmm I might have a TG to trade, as well as a soul taker and a recharge, are you running chaos dragons? lol. I'll bring my trades too
    my main deck is missing 2 tour guides, black luster, and a solar recharge

    my side is missing a soul taker (i think thats it..)

    and im missing a bunch of my extra deck
    Hey Seibrik, do you happen to have Danny's Facebook, the Pit player that used to own FL in 08? I'd like to talk w/ him.
    Slright I printed out the rules, venue, and your info. I will post it in the gaming room today after I am done with class.
    Nothing bro. Btw its Josh from FIU. For sure I'm heading to the tourny this saturday. Should I bring a wii?
    Hey David.
    Have you seen a set of two keys? Both silver attatched to a piece of green plastic with the numbers 307 on it?
    It's my hotel keys and i think i left it in Miami along with my hat (beanie with a rim, grey)

    Thanks again for everything.
    What do you think of this idea as a form of mental exercise: watch vids of players, but try to read either player as the match progresses and try to get a feel of his style. Predict what moves he/she will do and in doing so think up what you would do in that situation and compare what you were going to do vs what the actual player did in response to the move you (may or may not have) predicted. Use the person you're reading and adapting to as your "opponent" and the other player as your "guide", almost literally like an autopilot. I hope that didn't confuse you, but to put it in another way: You pretend you're the player that you're using as a model or dummy for this exercise, and the opponent is used as another dummy but for reads/adapting. Heck, watch your own matches with this mindset and see if you notice any difference between your decisions now and what you did in the actual match then.

    I thought of this way of training the mind from watching your vids vs DJ Jack. I've obviously been playing again lately and doing some wifi (and offline w/ DFEAR) training and I definitely have not forgotten to train my adaption skills, but because of the importance I put into adaption and reads, it's also subconsciously caused me to pay more attention into critiquing player vids, and as I watched your set vs DJ Jack I basically did what I described above and I found it interesting and helpful enough that I'm going to do this with other vids.

    Now I'll admit this practice could be limited if you're watching sets you've already seen and memorized, so I guess your mind would put too much focus on what you know is going to happen next, rather than guesswork. It's really theoretical and it's something I haven't actively done until now but I'm already doing it with more sets and I'm going to see if this helps with adaption and reading in the long term.
    whats the next big event south florida is going to? or are you guys going to that PHB tourney? im looking for an event to give away a cot5 pass at and I was considering that one, seems to have a lot of great atl south attendance
    I'm sry. /:
    and seibrik, try to do it this one last time please. If not can you PM me the answer to my question?
    i was away for the weekend then reformatted my computer, gonna start it tonight or tomorrow
    Next wednesday I must see you!

    My friend mr washington is very intrested in you!
    2 Weeks after Whobo! Imma aim 4 it. I'm jus gonna stick 2 Tally tournies until I get my own car cuz every1 keeps bailin

    I prob can have Lee Martin, Reflex & Etc come back 2 my tourneys but I've been focusing on DJing lately. Imma get back on the Brawl grind & have GA & AL come back 2 my tourneys. Basically what I'm asking is if I can get Lee Martin, Reflex, Kismet & Bigluo to come Wud you all do the same?

    I'll probably make it a big tourney in March depending on when I'm goin 2 Mardi gras and Pajama Juice Jam.

    UNless U'd rather say feb but Pound 5 is then...
    If you want to go my phone number is 954-825-9596.

    There will be quite alot of people.
    Hey take me to NOOB 3 or I will call Taco Bell corporate and let them know what's been going down at their fine establishments in FL. Plus I always have gas money and I usually tend to feed people.
    Alright Seibrik it's about that time, I'm requesting replays from people now so you got any to offer? or Videos on YT?
    Hey Seibrik, If you're by chance going to Tommy's Clubhouse is your car already full? I'm having some difficulty finding a ride and I wanted to see if you had a spot(if you're going lol). Tommy is waiving venue fee for people with full cars btw as incentive to drivers. I'm pretty much right next to I-95 so I wont be out of the way. Reply whenever on my swf page/aim/etc. whatever you're comfortable with.

    Hey Seibrik

    Do you mind messaging me on AIM when you get a chance? I have a serious question

    My screen name is: blackdwag7
    hey, I can't wait for you since I get in about an hour earlier. sorry man. I'll see you there
    Just need like your fav/best replays.

    I'll be requesting replays around Nov. So just try to have them ready by then.
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