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Master Raven
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  • Hey do you have any recent Mewtwo matches recorded? I need some inspiration with my gameplay.
    Why'd you pick SV over a large stage like Dreamland in Game 2 against Wizzrobe? I would think that you need a bit more room to be able to breathe against Sonic.
    Master Raven
    Master Raven
    I still don't know the matchup that well. Wizzrobe is my only good Sonic experience and he lives 3 hours away and we've played less than a handful of sets including the ones at TOX.
    Ah I see. You did pretty well though. I'm trying to get my Mewtwo on par with yours lol.
    Of course! Don't hold it all the way forward otherwise you might walk past it (again, such a small item grab range), but by just slightly tilting the analog stick forward picking up the item becomes a lot safer.

    If you want more info on item tricks:

    A lot of the guide is geared towards Marth specifically, but the section labeled "Banana Tricks" is a list of generic techniques that are able to be used by every character (except a few of them for Yoshi as they involve shield-based options).
    MK's item grab range is very small. If you're trying to pick them up off of the ground, as MK, it's best to tilt the analog stick forward as you try to pick it up. That way, if you miss, you ftilt1, which can have SOME benefit over accidental jab.
    Your sig is ****ing beautiful! I have a shirt with Carl on it and on the back it says "If you wish to create an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." I love him lol
    Dude...you should come to the bulldog brawl in GA in september. I saw that your recent offline results are pretty impressive. I'd love to get another match against you after all these years.
    Tilts, don't get grabbed, walking, and smart grounded tornadoes. You did really well vs me, good set. And thanks! You're cool too =D.
    Yeah my question was the reason why he made that thread, lol--but I'll try to take it to heart though. I promise you I have an entire folder w/ STACKS of old melee/ early brawl articles from 07, lol--but I haven't read them in a while so this summer, I will try my hardest to take them to heart. Hopefully I can go to CoT5 and learn more.
    Yeah pretty much. Like people always associate aggression with recklessness, which is not the case. Like, been going all out aggro in all my matches(regardless of chr.) and though it is harder than outright camping, I'm already seeing the benefits.
    You're currently like one of my favorite players to watch. Your Metaknight is reaally smart and I expect good things out of you in the future :)
    I think he's going MK now. But if he does go GW basic **** is turtling him.

    If you get a lead you don't have to approach because he can't spam projectiles. Tilts **** pretty much everything he has on the ground. They come out faster than his smashes if you react fast.

    If he bairs shuttle loop it before it touches you. If it hits SDI away and try to dair him out of it.

    Just be careful when you get to about 85 and above. Be careful with nado he can upb and uair you out of it and you're ****ed in free fall. Don't try to gimp him. You can't.

    Hope that helps.
    kanade tachibana from Angel Beats xD It's amazing :D I have it as my avatar because I'm cosplaying as her xD and Nick is cosplaying as Otonashi :D which is his avatar...yeah WATCH IT :D if u havent xD
    It'll be in miramar/pembroke pines, I'm thinking I might as well host them in my house unless they get too big. I could Def fit all of the people that were at the last ZP in my living room, It might be a little cramped but there's no venue fee.

    I'll also need set-ups.

    Depending on where people live I might be able to pick people up if they provide gas money
    lol same chic as always...would make a new sig but everyone is in love with my current one
    yeah i know how that is, i'll be able to drive but i doubt i'll have a car lol

    from what i know atm CO18 will be about 10 mins away along with mk16

    then theres hrnut

    and yeah im really excited about moving down to FL

    I look forward to playing you alot :) I hope its alot of fun down there


    *goes to a tourney to beat m2k and ally*
    Essentially u need to work on dumbing urself down, there are some players where simply playing your character's style without ur intense mindgames works out better (IE dair camping/nado/dsmash)

    the more exp. u accumulate from tournies, the faster u'll figure out which players are which.
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