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  • i knew it was you josh, and yes bring ur wii and any and alll friends u think might even be remotely interested in coming, even if they're not 100% sure about entering.

    if u wana do me an even bigger favor, and ur gona be at fiu tomorrow, print out the rules for the tourny, along with the venue and my phone number, and post it on bulliten boards in the gameroom/wii room and wheever else u manage to.

    would greatly appreciate it as i wont be by FIU till friday with very minimum spare time!
    Hey its Darius from that one Melee tourney back in December. I was wondering if you know or have numbers of any of the guys that were at that tournament, or know anyone else that would be interested in a big Melee tourney in early March. You can text my cell (786-344-1525) or msg me here.
    then you'll be able to make it

    im thinking sign ups at 2:00 and starts at three

    also post in that thread
    you were looking at some tournament that was back in march 27 2010 yesterday
    that tournament is old and next time post on my page or i wont fet the message and it's funny because 4.3 was considered the end for hacking lol
    I did last night, it took me foever sine i had 4.3U but I did it anyway. Got some textures for pit and found that there are textures that can alter charecters to make them completely new ones. Best thing I have ever done :D
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